Freeze is a pretty, tiny, wise, long-furred, fluffy, ash-colored, light gray tabby she-cat with small, snow-colored white flecks, a long plume of a tail, and very pale sky-blue eyes like a frozen lake at dawn.

She is a loner, and she belongs to no pack.


Freeze was born to Nudge and Rain, with no siblings. She was a shy kit, and Nudge raised her as best as she could.

Freeze left to live on her own when she was 6 moons, she later met her love, named Flicker. He was an older tom, but they loved each other dearly.

She later had his kits, named Flora and Little. She loved them dearly, and had them meet some other kits from Metal Pack, named Ura, Taz, and Ice. The kits got along well.

Flicker later left for Claw Pack, leaving Freeze confused and heartbroken.

Flora and Little left, only Little still living near her.

She eventually met Miley, and she sometimes stays in the she-cat's den, helping her and Fluffy and their kits.

Flicker later came back, and after they talked about why he left, Flicker attacked her and left her unconscious.

She is rescued by Little, and his mate, Deluge. Little is outraged at his father's newfound hatred towards his family, but she tells him it's not worth it to attack Flicker.


Freeze is a calm and wise she-cat, whom is slightly introverted from being alone as a kit.

She can be quite nice, but only to cats she loves.


  • She wishes she had siblings.
  • She misses her kits.

Real Life Image


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