Getsugaclaw (Translation: Moon-fangclaw) is a very handsome long-furred black tom with deep brown eyes that shift to blue at will with long, pure white claws that turn black occasionally. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


He is first seen as the leader of SolClan, praying to StarClan to protect his Clan from bears attacking. He laments about Crushedpaw's paw getting crushed, and how Graysoul, the former leader of SolClan, gave him that name. Getsugaclaw also notices his brother Blazedawn heading into the nursery.

Soon, he gives Crushedpaw his warrior name, Runningspirit, and realizes danger is upon the Clans, along with his brother Blazedawn. The two soon head to where Phoenixfeather and the others are. Phoenixfeather is mad that Getsugaclaw, even though he is a leader, does not have 'star' at the end of his name.

In JusticeClan, Scarkeeper admits he is the father of Getsugaclaw and Blazedawn, and that his mate, Frozenstorm, was killed by bears. Scarkeeper, then Scarstorm, watched over the two until moons just before Graysoul retired, when Scarkeeper was killed.

When several warriors betray Onlystar, Nightstar's brother and the only known leader of RobotClan, Getsugaclaw is slightly annoyed at the fact cats would betray their own leader. Nightmareheart taunts the prophecy cats about the Distortion World, and is attacked by several cats while searching for Eclipsekit and Ebonykit, two of his kits, until he flees and Batwing and Thorntiger take his place. Blazedawn and Getsugaclaw rise to take the challenge against the two warriors.

The toms flee, and Getsugaclaw leads his warriors against the Dark Forest. He and Nightmareheart fight until Phoenixfeather and Ebonypaw kill him.


He is generally kind and wise, though he is a new leader. He also shows tremendous patience, even around many other cats. It is hard to get him to snap, but it is generally a bad idea to do so.



Frozenstorm - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Scarkeeper - Deceased, JusticeClan


Springsakura - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Madison - Alive, Laboratory


Blazedawn - Alive


Orangepaw - Alive

Duskpaw - Alive

Goldpaw - Alive


Oceanpaw - Alive

Pantherpaw - Alive


He is based off Ichigo Kurosaki in his Getsuga form from Bleach. Getsugaclaw's name means Moon-fang in Japanese.


  • He has a crush on Phoenixfeather
  • There is an error: while Getsugaclaw says it was only days before Graysoul retired that Scarstorm died, it was actually a few moons.

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