Goosemeadow is a pretty, delicate, tiny, cute, pale mottled blue-gray she-cat with mottled dark gray, mottled pale gray and mottled purple-gray spots scattered randomly through out her pelt, pale orange-gray ear tips, tail tip, toes and dark orange eyes flecked with blue. She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Goosekit is born to Wavethorn (father) and Bluemeadow (mother) with one sibling, Quailkit, in the middle of winter in BrookClan. She is shown to be the stronger one out of her and her brother.

Goosekit is shown to be a good hunter, swimmer and tracker as a kit, as she is now.

Goosekit is made Goosepaw and her brother, Quailkit, is made Quailpaw when they reach six moons old. She is mentored by Clawedpelt and Quailpaw is mentored by Applewing.

Soon after her and Quailpaw are apprenticed, her mother and father are killed by a badger, leaving Quailpaw and her devastated.

When Goosepaw and her brother are eight moons old, Goosepaw starts to show her love for her mentor, Clawedpelt. She doesn't notice that her brother is sad or jealous because she is very happy with Clawedpelt.

Later on in the day, she and Quailpaw get into a fight about Clawedpelt and Goosepaw's relationship. Goosepaw says that Quailpaw is just jealous because he doesn't have anyone to love and then she runs to Clawedpelt.

About a moon later Goosepaw is named Goosemeadow, in honor of her mother, Bluemeadow. Her brother is named Quailthorn in honor of her father, Wavethorn. She and Clawedpelt become mates.

Soon she is expecting Clawedpelt's kits. When she tells Quailthorn, she is surprised because he approves.

She adopts three kits named Otterkit, Firekit and Antkit.

She gives birth to Clawedpelt's three kits, Cherrykit, Talonkit and Waterkit.

Her adopted sons are apprenticed.

After BrookClan falls apart, she becomes a loner with a few other former BrookClan cats.


Goosemeadow is a bubbly, happy, cunning, smart, clever, strong and funny she-cat. She always was outgoing as a kit, unlike her brother who was always interverted and quiet.



Bluemeadow - Deceased, StarClan


Wavethorn - Deceased, StarClan


Quailthorn - Alive, Loner


Clawedpelt - Alive, StreamClan

Adopted Sons:

Otterpaw - Alive, Residence Unknown

Antpaw - Alive, Residence Unknown

Firepaw - Alive, Loner


Cherrypaw - Alive, StreamClan

Waterkit - Alive, Loner


Talonpaw - Alive, StreamClan



Clawedpelt - Alive, StreamClan


"I love Clawedpelt! I don't care if he is my mentor! I love him and I always will!"
-Goosepaw to Quailpaw BrookClan Roleplay


  • Her warrior name is in honor of her mother, Bluemeadow.

Real Life Image

A Goosepaw


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