Greenlily,is a ginger she-cat who is medicine cat to LifeClan. Her mentor Skyspirit, teached her everything that she need to know. She was also her best firend. Greenlily was always forgeting things because of how neves she was, before she became a full her medicine cat. Greenlily with a little help form Skyspirit helped Sandfur give birth to her kits.

Greenlily became a medicine cat because her mother died in kitting her. She wanted to stop that from happening,and so far she has done just that.

Skyspirit somtimes come to help her, this could be because she is in need of her help, or because Starclan has something to tell her.

She now has an appentice named Songpaw.

This cat is roleplayed by Meadow


"The smoke will rise as the blaze continues." Given from Skyspirit to Greenlily

"Firey cats, with hearts of black will come together to destroy all life." Given form Skyspirit to Greenlily.


  • She will never leave Lifeclan.
  • She would love to have kits but the warrior code dosn't allow it.
  • She has only lost one cat so far.
  • She like all medicine cats hate's it when her clan goes into battle with out a good reason.
  • After she failed to save Swiftstream, Cloverstar now what to kill her in revange for his mate's life.


Mother= Lightstream; Died from kitting;Deceased, Suspected StarClan member.

Father=Lionpelt; Died from fox;Deceased, Suspected StarClan member.

Littermates= Forgkit; died from weakness"Deceased, Suspected StarClan member.



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