Hazelheart is a very small, fluffy, lean, wiry, gentle, symphathetic, calm, wise, shy, gray and white she-cat with faint tabby stripes, darker brindled tabby legs, soft, fluffy fur, a long tail, large, pointed, wide-spaced ears, big paws, and shining, pale, leaf-green eyes.

She is a warrior of SparkClan.

She is also a member of the prophecy "The hazel heart and the cedar claw shall bring peace to the bright sparks.", along with her brother, Cedarclaw.

Her abilities are to sense anyone's feelings, and to cure minor aliments and diseases (this ability might develop more as she ages). When she uses her healing power, she doesn't feel sympathy for anyone. She basically looses the ability to sense anything; emotions or otherwise.


Hazelheart was born to Cirruscloud and Lostheart, with a single sibling, Cedarkit.

Suddenspark and Fawncall were there after she was born to check on them, to make sure they were safe. Suddenspark got their prophecy after that, and only Fawncall knows about it, other than Suddenspark.

She is later being watched by the medicine cat as they play in the weak winter sun.

Her and her brother eventually become apprentices, her mentor being the shy warrior Sunnyfleck. Hazelpaw doesn't appear to like her mentor very much.

Hazelpaw eventually is named Hazelheart, and she is relieved from not having to talk to Sunnyfleck almost everyday.


Hazelkit is a very shy, secretive she-cat, not wanting to tell many cats her secrets, or anything about her. She likes listening and solving other cat's emotional dilemas, and she is quite good at it.

She is very intelligent, and like to learn things.


  • Her prophecy's meaning is yet unknown.

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