Hazelpaw is lithe, short, thick, wavy, rippling furred, delicate, beautiful, pale, creamy brown she-cat with white paws, muzzle, underbelly, tail tip, spots on her legs, spots on her ears, rings around her eyes and bright blue eyes flecked with pale violet. She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Hazelkit is born to Heatherstream(mother) and Lionflame(father) with two siblings, Tallkit and Wolfkit in BrookClan. She is shown to be the calm, wise and medium strongest of the litter. She opens her eyes right after Tallkit, the strongest of Heatherstream's litter.

After Goosepaw and Quailpaw's fight, Hazelkit comforts Quailpaw by telling him that he will find someone and be just as happy as they are. Quailpaw then smiles at her and mews thank you.

Hazelkit seems jealous when Applewing askes Quailpaw is he has a crush on Bloomfeather and she turns her head away from the two cats.

Later when Quailthorn takes out Hazelkit, Wolfkit and Tallkit to explore the forest, she seems interested in his story until her brothers fall into the river. She seems scared when they cant find Tallkit and she is later seen sleeping with her brothers and her mother.

She becomes Hazelpaw, her brothers are made Tallpaw and Wolfpaw. Her mentor is Quailthorn.

After BrookClan falls apart, she becomes a loner with a few other former BrookClan cats.


Hazelpaw is a calm, wise, quiet, nice, tolerant, sweet she-cat.



Heatherstream - Alive, Residence Unknown


Lionflame - Alive, Residence Unknown


Tallpaw - Alive, Residence Unknown

Wolfpaw - Alive, Residence Unknown



Quailthorn - Alive, Loner


"Dont be jealous. You will find someone and be just as happy as them." Hazelkit to Quailpaw in BrookClan roleplay.


  • Her warrior name will be Hazelsnow.
  • Her future mate will be Quailthorn.
  • She will eventually have kits with Quailthorn.

Real Life Image

A Hazelkit

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