Heatherstar is a white she-cat with blue eyes.


Heatherstar is the founder of SwiftClan. Her sisters, Hollystar and Thrushstar created MossClan and HawkClan. Her brothers, Puddlestar and Darkstar created RushClan and SharpClan.

Heatherstar tells her daughter, Windsong that she is on her last life.

She visits the nursery with Windsong after Snowfall and Rabbitheart's kits, Sweetkit, Poppykit, Blizzardkit and Eaglekit where born.

When Sweetkit gets sick with whitecough, Heatherstar comes to visit. She catches Sweetkit's cough, and it starts out very badly. Mothpaw, SwiftClan's only medicine cat asks if she can receive her full name because her mentor, the former SharpClan medicine cat apprentice, Vixenpaw had been killed. Heatherstar agrees as long as Tansyleaf, who also knows herbs, checks up on her every so often. When Mothpaw, now named Mothflight returns, Heatherstar insists on making Moorpaw and Bramblepaw warriors, and gives them the names Moorleap and Bramblethorn. She then tells Mothflight to come with her to the leaders' den. There she asks Mothflight to take care of her Clan, the Clan she created. Mothflight agrees and asks Heatherstar to guide her and Windsong. Heatherstar agrees, saying that she could never leave the Clan she loves. She then closes her eyes and dies.


"I promise. How could I ever leave the clan I love?" -- Heatherstar to Mothflight before she dies

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