Heavyclaw is a hunter of BlazeClan. He is roleplayed by Shuckle.


Heavyclaw is ruthless, abusive, controlling, and never shows any mercy to his opponents or those who anger him, especially Quickstep. At only thirteen moons, he forced Quickstep to become his mate and has controlled her ever since, showing he can be manipulitive and intimidating. To add to his intimidation, he is very large in both size and weight, making him slower then most cats, but easily more powerful and able to deal harder blows. Even though he is not fast, he uses his strong moves to his advantage while hunting, having Quickstep chase the prey right into his paws.


He was orginally a loner named Euriq who belonged to a large family of many different cats, who were tightly bonded together. His dad shared many of the same traits as him, though originally Heavyclaw was nothing like him. When he was one week old, he met a newborn Quickstep and they quickly became friends. Overtime, they grew closer and closer, while Heavyclaw began to develop a huge crush on her, though she only considered him a close friend.

When he asked her to be his mate, she politely declined, saying that she only considered him a friend. Saddened, he isolated himself from the world. His father eventually had a talk with him, and using his equally manipulitive style, convinced Heavyclaw to follow in his path. 

The next day, Heavyclaw found Quickstep and beat her until she agreed to become his mate. With each passing day, he became more and more abusive towards her.

Roleplay History

Heavyclaw was first seen angered by Quickstep messing up and losing a mouse during hunting. He forced her into the empty warriors den and hit her, before telling her never to do it again.

Real Life Image

Feline cat photography gray eyes gifts under 25 gold green copper ba274e14


Heavyclaw is a Libra, and his favorite prey is water vole.

He has his own fanfic, which focuses on him and Quickstep's relationship. Misguided Souls.

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