Not to be confused with Himelight of SolClan.

Himeheart (Translation: Princessheart) is a beautiful, long-furred orange she-cat with gray-brown eyes. She was formerly roleplayed by Phoenix, now under control of Violet


After Nightmareheart forcibly mated with Phoenixfeather, she gave birth to his kits. Himekit opens her eyes early due to being a Star Cat. She does not watch the Dark Forest rape she-cats, and stays close to Duskkit.

She is soon apprenticed, but Himepaw wishes she could be a medicine cat. She settles for having healing powers. It is around this time Himepaw develops a split personality disorder.

She receives her warrior name, Himeheart, along with her siblings. Himeheart is glad for her siblings and starts to develop a crush on Richtofen. Dusklight teases her sister about falling in love with the tom, but Himeheart teases back about Dusklight's crush on Getsugaclaw.

Himeheart is upset when Grassdawn goes missing and devotes herself to helping Richtofen as much as possible.

Himeheart is shocked when Richtofen admits he loves her too.

Later on, Phoenixfeather and Ebonystorm free Grassdawn by killing Seperationworld and adopt Pulsepaw.

She becomes Richtofen's mate and gives birth to two of his kits: Ricekit and Edward.

Her kits are later apprenticed, and she gives birth to six more of his kits.

Himeheart loses her cool and attacks Dempsey when he disses Richtofen repeatedly.

She is devastated to learn Hawkkit betrayed her. When he reveals himself as Hawkstar, Himeheart decides to attack him.

When Hawkstar uses an illusion to break up she and Richtofen, Himeheart promptly heads away to do her own thing, but later comes back.

When Phoenixfeather, Lavenderheart and Faolanwolf die, she grieves for them.

She's pleased when Richtofen joins DawnClan.

She leaves DawnClan after being kidnapped, then decides to stay at 935 with her best friends and mate.


She has a split personality disorder, similar to Sunrisefeather of EarthClan, but slightly more mild. Normally, Himeheart is kind, sweet, loving and often daydreams. She is however intelligent, and willing to fight, but doesn't like to.

Her other personality is devious, tricky...basically an opposite of her, minus the fighting and intelligent part. She is quite mysterious, often toying with other lives if she believes no harm will come to her because of it. Over time, this has evolved into a more brutal, bloodthirsty side, though this only shows if she is ticked off too much.

Overall, she is hard-working and refuses to abandon anyone.

Main Powers

  • Healing Powers: While not named yet, it allows Himeheart to construct a force field that heals her allies. Will not work if she deems someone as an enemy.
  • Star Shower: Sends small flashes of light towards an opponent. Upon the command "Burst", they explode.
  • Defensive shield: Puts up shield that can negate a single attack.



Richtofen - Alive, Ressurected

Darkstripe - Deceased, Forced up on her. (formerly)


Phoenixfeather - Deceased, Reincarnated in Phoenixkit


Nightmareheart - Deceased, Reincarnated in Lunaheart


Grassdawn - Alive

Ebonystorm - Alive

Snowdusk - Alive

Pulsepaw - Alive. Adopted.


Dawnlight - Alive

Dusklight - Alive


Eclipsekit - Alive

Emblempaw - Alive

Hauntedpaw - Alive

Hakupaw/Kahakupaw - Alive

Bugpaw - Alive

Hydropaw - Alive

Magmapaw - Alive

Sorapaw - Alive

Barkpaw - Alive

Brownkit - Alive


Ebonykit - Alive

Beauty - Alive

Beast - Alive

Yuki - Alive

Serene - Alive

Jewelpaw - Alive

Sweetpaw - Alive

Senpaw - Alive

Chihiropaw - Alive

Hopepaw - Alive

Plasmapaw - Alive

Galacticpaw - Alive


Ricestorm - Alive

Edward - Deceased, StarClan

Shizou - Alive

Izaya - Alive

Hawkfeather - Alive

Blizzardstorm - Alive

Chesireheart - Alive

Icepaw - Alive

Tigerpaw - Alive


Brightstorm - Deceased, StarClan

Brackenshade - Alive

Daisylight - Alive

Gemsparkle - Deceased, StarClan

Dawnfleck - Alive

Firepaw - Alive

Stormpaw - Alive

Raspberrykit - Alive


HimeheartxRichtofen Himeheart and Richtofen, blushing. Dawwwww...

HxRTree Himeheart and Richtofen's kits. The small unnamed gold tom under Richtofen would be Shizou. :3

Thanks to the ever epical Vi for making the pics.


She is based slightly off Orihime Inoue from Bleach.


  • The Dark Forest frequently attacks her because they are trying to cause pain to Richtofen.

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