Brown-grey tabby with many scars, red/orange eyes.


Not much is known about his kithood or when he was a apprentice. When he was a warrior he met Snowbreeze and they left their clan and lived in a cave alone for a long time. Snowbreeze was always close to StarClan, though. Soon, she had a kit that looked just like her except he was a male. She named him Icekit and gave a prophecy: "He will be Icekit, like ice he will be solid and silent at the same time. But he will melt like water." With that Hollowlog's only love died. In anger he yelled at the kit then cried and curled up next to it. He then took the small kit to a clan near by and told them his name. He secretly watched his son grow up as silent as himself But one day he spoke. His father was surprised, but never shown himself. He smelled just like his son, but his voice was like his name: hollow.


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