Horizonheart is a beautiful, sleek, blue-gray she-cat with a pale gray stripe down her spine and silver eyes. She is roleplayed by Phoenix.


She is a former loner until she joins PearlClan. Horizonheart is seen praising Blazestorm mentoring Goldenpaw. She eventually goes with a few PearlClan cats to look for new medicine. Horizonheart explains to the cats about the Organization, which lives near the mountains. However, she soon senses something is wrong, and runs back to camp to get Blazestorm so they can hurry to DawnClan, though Blazestorm protests a little.


Horizonheart is normally mysterious and teasing, though she can be serious at times.

Her Powers

She can create rainstorms, large water-made wings, control water and leap high.


  • She is part of a prophecy consisting of Shinystar and Phoenixsong.
  • She is in the 3rd Gen. Prophecy

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