Basically, this is the same universe using the theory, what if the RPG warriors turned into humans (or, to be more exact, were humans to begin with, but still formed Clans and such)? This is free to RP in, as long as you stay clean (no sex or gore, although language IN REASONABLE AMOUNTS is okay; just don't have a swear for every other word in each sentence) and you have your characters stay together and on topic (whenever it's created). This also means you're allowed to bring in cats from StarClan and the Dark Forest (and the soon-to-be-made Tribe of Endless Hunting); just make sure to mention that they're not actually alive (this includes all canon characters, which are allowed as well).

Run by Violet.


Recent Events:

  • Just some random RP until we figure out a plot

RPG Center

Coming soon!

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