Iceflower is a slender, pale gray she-cat with black tabby stripes, fluffy fur, long legs, and pale green eyes.

She is a warrior of CliffClan.


Iceflower was born as Icekit, to Peachfire and Gorsefoot, with three siblings, Currentkit, Berrykit, and Honeykit. She was the most adventurous of her siblings, always going on adventures with Currentkit.

She was later made into an apprentice, her mentor being the younger warrior Creampelt. Her and her mentor developed a good relationship, and they remain good friends.

She participates in the Greatest Battle, fighting Oakpelt with Sharpslash and Berrypaw.

Icepaw was later named Iceflower for her gentle beauty. Iceflower personally thinks her name is misleading to her personality, but Peachfire loves her name.

She later got her first apprentice, Dustpaw. The two have started to develop a close bond.


Iceflower has a cocky, proud, brash personality, and at times can be aggressive. Iceflower is a bit of a tomboy and acts unashamedly towards her goals.

She is clever and cunning, able to trick cats with ease. Despite this, she is not at all averse to heroics and is a reliable ally and caring friend.


  • She is a very odd reincarnation of Smallfoot, a medicine cat who had recently died.

Real Life Image


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