Pure-white tom with bright-blue eyes.


The moment Icejay was born, his mother gave a prophecy: "He will be Icekit, like ice he will be solid and silent at the same time. But he will melt like water." With that his mother took her dying breath. His father's eyes got big, then dark. He span around and glared at Icekit. "You icy little brat! Look at what you've done! My mate is dead and all she could leave me is a tiny wimpy kit!" His father then sobbed while wrapping his tail around the small kit and pushed Icekit close to him. He needed to find a place for this kit, some place safe.The next day he took him to SnowClan were he would live.

Soon Icekit became Icepaw. Not much is known about his kit hood other than he never spoke, but trained better than the other apprentices. He was also faster than them because he listened so well and never spoke.

He wasn't over excited when he became warrior, at least that's what the other cats thought. Inside he was practically flying around. As you know by now he never spoke a word, but being quiet all the time can sure get lonely.He only stayed in Snowclan a little while,he also met his long-lost brother.

He then went to Snowclan were he curently lives. Icejay fuzzy

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