Icemist is a beautiful, longhaired, pale blue and silver she-cat with green eyes and a broken backbone due to a fallen tree.


Icekit was born to Shinyfern and Lionclaw as their first litter without siblings. She was always clever and curious. At six moons old she was apprenticed to Sandfire, and was shown as a good hunter. When the tree fell into camp, she managed to get Dapplefur and Stonemist to safety, but the tree falls on her before she could move, so her hindlegs became paralysed. She recieves her warrior name Icemist two days later.


  • She will reincarnate as Icesky, Shinystar and Lionclaw's third litter.
  • Shinystar wanted to use her powers to help her recover, but Pearlstar told her that Icemist would reincarnate as Iceshine, a cat that is part of a prophecy.
  • She will die as soon as Shinystar gives birth to a litter of eight kits, consisting of Iceshine.

Family Members

Mother: Shinystar, living, PearlClan member.

Father: Lionclaw, living, PearlClan member.


"I can't feel anything in my hindlegs, is there something wrong with them?"

Icepaw to Berryfur, PearlClan RPG

"Dapplefur, Stonemist, get out of camp!"

Icepaw to Dapplefur and Stonemist before the tree falls on her.

"Goodbye, mom and dad. I am near my death."

Icemist to Shinystar and Lionclaw FUTURE[[Category: ]]

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