IslandClan is located in Iceland.

This Clan is owned by Shuckle!


IslandClan is a Clan located on a snowy island very far way from all the other Clans called Iceland. The only way to get to this Clan is by either swimming very very far, drifting on an iceberg, or by means of teleportation via special powers. They have quite different animals the the other Clans, such as puffins. They speak a different language than other cats as well, but for roleplay reasons we'll use English.


Oh, hi there! It's so rare to get outsiders here, you must have lot's of skill to get here. My name is Glaciershift, and I'm the medicine cat. I'm one of the few cats in the Clan that can speak your dialect, so you can just come find me if you need to communicate with other cats. Here, we mostly eat puffins and snow rabbits, so we have to be able to swim and run fast. We also have very thick coats to deal with the constant snow, and strong paws to trudge through the snow and up mountains. Feel free to stay here, but please support yourself. We will not hunt for you unless you provide some use to us.



Mountainstar- black tom with white-tipped ears and paws with icy blue eyes. Loyal, determined, and trusting. (Shuckle)



Medicine Cat

Glaciershift- Light gray tom with blue eyes. Smart, brave, and caring. (Shuckle)




Littleclaw - Small, tiny white tom with bright blue eyes and barely visable light gray spots along his pelt. Often underestimated, and trades his weak strength for amazing speed, agility, and stamina. Quiet and has severe anxiety, but won't give up in a fight. (Shuckle)

Snjorfur - Bright white tom with dark green eyes with amber flecks in them. Smart, skilled in fighting, and has a heavy Icelandic accent, heavier then most of the other cats. (Shuckle) Apprentice: Tearpaw

Avalancheslide - Dark gray tom with white stripes on his tail. Strong build, and is great at fighting. Rough, serious, and stern. Mate of Dapplepelt. (Shuckle)


Tearpaw - Light brown tom with light blue eyes that look like they're filled with tears all the time. Fearful, slightly cowardly, and has a talent for hunting. (Open)


Dapplepelt - Ginger she-cat with light amber eyes and gray flecks on her paws. Caring, sweet, and hesitant to fight. Expecting Avalancheslide's kits. (Shuckle)


none yet.

Cats Outside the Clan

Carnage - Jet black tom with leaf green eyes, and a red mark similar to the shape of a flame on his shoulder. Rumored to be one of the most fiercesome cats to ever live. It is said that he has mystic powers, and may not even be living.


Normal Clan Life

Mountainstar looked around as the Clan began to wake up and begin their daily duties. His mind flashed to the thought of Carnage, still wandering somewhere on the island. Even though no one in the Clan had ever seen him, rumors of him had drifted to their Clan through many different means.  Shuckle Nothing Bad Ever Happened in Utah! 15:27, July 12, 2014 (UTC)

Interactions with Other Clans

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