Leader: Jadestar
Deputy: Open~
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Open~
 JadeClan is a quiet, independent, hostile clan that lives in a massive cavern lit by glowing green crystals embedded in the roof and along the topward walls. They rarely go outside, and prefer both darkness and little confrontation with other cats.  If a cat is born a black cat, it will grow up to be great, and it usually will have powers.

Rules: Most cats have names of minerals or gems, but if you can't, have a cat name that is at least similar to gems or minerals.

Any cat can have wings, special items, or powers.

Evil cats are allowed.

Have fun!

This clan is owned by Holly. To join, ask on the talkpage.



Jadestar - Soft, fluffy black she-cat with lime green dapples and clear green eyes. Wears a glowing green crystal around her neck, and has lime-green wings. (Holly)

Deputies (2)

Medicine cat / MCA(s)



Platinumnose - Metallic, dark-gray she-cat with cold, pale, blue-tinted silver eyes and one silver paw. Blunt, uncaring, unapologetic, and brave. (Holly)

Dolomite - Tough, massive, muscular, spikey white tom with pale amber eyes. Has large white wings. (Holly)

Celestine - Gentle, caring, hostile to outsiders, temperamental, sensitive, pale-blue she-cat with silver eyes and wings. (Holly)

Fluritefeather - Pale gray and white she-cat with artic blue eyes. Trusting and wishful. (Holly)

Amberfleck - Massive, ambitious, tough, cruel, malicious, blood-thirsty savannah cat with a tawny-brown pelt and black spots. Amber eyes. (Holly)


Limeflower - Loyal, obediant, agressive, adventurous, curious brown tabby she-cat with lime-green eyes and long claws. An amazing fighter. (Holly)


Mysticgem - Rainbow, multicolored, irresponsible, funloving, care-free she-cat with rainbow eyes. (Holly)

Mysticgem's Kits

Hauynekit - Bouncy, nosy, mischievious, troublesome sapphire-blue tom with happy white eyes. (Holly)

Rubberkit - Mature, stiff, ruley, smoky charcoal cat with big black wings, long claws, and red eyes. (Holly)


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