Jaggedfang is a black tom with golden stripes on his face, jagged, crooked teeth and dark green eyes.

He is a warrior in the Flame Claw Rogues. He is roleplayed by Aspen.


Jagg was born to two unknown rouges with three sisters, Lovet, Leprasy and Ayeah, in the middle of Winter. Lovet was stillborn and Leprasy was very sick.

Only a week after birth, Leprasy dies and so does Jagg's father. His mother is very depressed and commits suicide. Jagg is left alone with only his sister, Ayeah.

Jagg is heartbroken when Ayeah becomes a kittypet with the name Mitten.

Jagg is found by another rouge named Fireclaw who is the leader of the Flame Claw rouges. Jagg gets taken in with the adoptive mother Sandyflower and eventually becomes Fireclaw's apprentice with the name Jaggedpaw.

Eventually, Jaggedpaw becomes Jaggedfang. He refuses to take on a linked mate, and oddly Fireclaw lets him do this.

Jaggedfang is in love with Bramblevine and speaks to her a few times.

Later on, Jaggedfang receives his first apprentice, Cedarpaw.

A long time later, Jaggedfang escorts Pinekit to Hidden Kit Adoption.


On the outside, Jaggedfang is bloodthirsty, mean and ambitious, but on the inside, Jaggedfang is crushed and hurt.



Unknown Name - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unknown Name - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Lovet - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Leprasy - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Sprinkles - Status Unknown, Residence Unknown

Adopted Mother~

Sandyflower - Alive, Flame Claw Rouges



Fireclaw - Alive, Flame Claw Rouges





Cedarpaw - Alive, Flame Claw Rouges


  • Jaggedfang is in love with Bramblevine.
  • Jaggedfang wishes that he could have became linked mates with Bramblevine.
  • Jaggedfang wishes that he became a kittypet with his last sister, Sprinkles(Ayeah).




Real Life Image~

Black Cat by ezridax999-1-

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