Kate is a witty, slender, graceful, tough, agile, nimble, strong, quick, lithe, somewhat tomboyish, long-legged, slightly cocky and overconfident, good-natured, long-haired, sleek, silky-furred, thick-pelted, intelligent, bright-minded, pale, hard-working, amber-colored she-cat with long, silky, soft, ruffled, flowing fur, a long, bushy, silkier, softer, flowing tail with a tufted purple tip, a red circle at the base of her tail, milky-cream paws, soft, pointed, large, widely-spaced, tufted ginger ears, a blue flash on her nose, a white, narrow, tapered, fox-like muzzle, and bright, glowing, intelligent, brilliant, radiant, clear, calm, pale, ocean-blue eyes with darker waves of color in them.

She is a member of the Organization.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. She is an Air Element, meaning that she can control air. She often uses her abilities in the form of wind.


Kate is born to Charm and Brambleclaw (after he raped Charm) with a single sister, Alex.

She opens her eyes very quickly, showing intelligence and strength.

She is later apprenticed in the Organization. Her mentor is Destiny.

She discovers her abilities over air.

She later fights a horde of zombies with the other prophecy cats.

She is made a warrior of the Organization.

She is later raped by Gingerclaw and gives birth to his six kits: Iarxin, Saxsha, Xaruka, Xarynn, Xaschi, and Lumaria.


Kate is a smart she-cat, albeit a fun-loving daredevil one. She, according to Alex, will "show you something dramatic and then act as if you shouldn't be surprised." It's been noted that she thinks too quickly and relies heavily on instinct. She has great faith in her own physical abilites, and has proven her worth several times. She doesn't ever seem to be sad or worried; she keeps a very tough exterior. It's possible that she does things without thinking and then feels extreme guilt later. She can't ever seem to stop moving and she makes friends quickly and easily.

She cares greatly for her fellow prophecy members, even though her antics can get them into trouble, and has come up with nicknames for them.



Gingerclaw (formerly) - Deceaced, residence unknown


Iarxin - Living

Saxsha - Living

Xaruka - Living

Xarynn - Living

Xaschi - Living


Lumaria - Living


Charm - Living


Brambleclaw - Deceaced, residence unknown


Alex - Living


Dawn - Living

Blizzard - Living

Wing - Living

Misty - Living

Sky - Living


Shadow - Living


  • She is based off of Kate Wetherall from The Mysterious Benedict Society series
  • Her powers are based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Xaldin

Character Pixels


Kate.real ~ Real life image

Kate.Wetherall ~ Kate as a human/actual Kate

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