Keykit is a slender, sleek, graceful, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, bony, yet muscular, strong, broad-shouldered, long-limbed, thick-pelted, large, intelligent, odd, mysterious, soft-furred, spacey, bright-minded, dedicated, hard-working, adventurous, mottled gold, silver, black, white, and dark grayish-brown she-cat with pale gray paws, ears, muzzle, and tail tip, tufted ears, a tufted tail tip, an odd, small patch of bright gingery-gold fur on her head that resembles a key, and intense, sparkling, mysterious, intelligent, bright, glowing, odd-looking, shining, distant, brilliant, radiant eyes, one bright gold with black and dark brown speckles, and the other bright silver with blue, green, and white speckles. She'll often speak in what sound like cryptic messages for unknown reasons.

She is a kit in BreezeClan.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. She can predict events before they happen, manipulate reality, and manipulate a cat's memories.


Keykit is born to Hopesong and Windstorm in BreezeClan with an older sister, Faithkit.

She later opens her eyes and recieves a strange feeling that she needs to find a group of cats.


Keykit is quite mysterious, so most cats don't know her true personality. Most cats see her as strangely cryptic due to the way she speaks.

However, her true personality is dedicated, adventurous, and hard-working. She refuses to give up once she's started something, and when she reaches what seems the impossible, she finds a way to make things work.



Hopesong - Living


Windstorm - Living


Faithkit - Living


Tokidawn - Living


  • Her warrior name is Keystone
  • She is based off of Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts
  • Moonkit, Lemonkit, and Wildkit will develop a crush on her, but in the end, Wildkit becomes her future mate


Character Pixels

Real Life Image


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