Kiri is a slender, delicate-looking, pure, pretty, elegant, snow-colored, gentle, intimidating, large, muscular, broad-shouldered, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, determined, willing, sweet, likeable, friendly, nice, kind, intelligent, white she-cat with small, gentle paws, a long, silky-furred tail with a very pale ginger, almost white, tip, a very pale brown, almost white, muzzle, pretty, startling, sparkling, calm, brilliant, intelligent, knowing, leaf-green eyes with pale, shining, misty-blue flecks, and a misty, dreamy voice.

She is a member of the Organization.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. Her powers revolve around mist and clouds, and she often uses the mist to conceal things, or creates violent storms while manipulating clouds.


Kiri is born to Shoufuu and Haku in the Organization with two siblings, Salamander and Destiny. She is the oldest of the three.

She is later apprenticed to Charm.

While out hunting with her mentor, they discover a groud pf PearlClan cats (revealed to be Shinystar, Lionclaw, Cidertwist, Alderpaw, Stempaw, Sweetpaw, Phoenixsong, Horizonheart, Adderpaw, Lilypaw, Hedwig/Owlpaw, and Opalkit).

She and her siblings are later made warriors of the Organization.

She develops a crush on Beryl.

Beryl later confesses his love for her, and she confesses her love for him. The two become mates.

She is later raped by Thistleclaw.

She gives birth to both Thistleclaw and Beryl's kits, named Kisshu, Whisper, Stone, Fog, Xia, Brigid, Leon, and Cloud.

Her kits are apprenticed, and she resumes her warrior-ish duties.


Kiri appears tough and intimidating due to her size, but in reality, she is a sweet, gentle, likeable, caring cat who would do anything to protect the Organization

In battle, however, she is cold, cruel, mean, mischievous, cunning, and ruthless toward her enemies.

Whenever something comes as a huge shock to her, she doesn't respond very well to it, either fainting or collapsing.



Her former mentor, the two of them had and stil have a very close friendship.


She likes this tom, and he likes her back. The two of them are mates now.


Her clever, quick younger brother, the two of them are very close to each other.


Her intelligent, observant younger sister, the two of them are also very close.



Beryl - Living

Thistleclaw - Deceaced, member of Dark Hollow


Kisshu - Living

Whisper - Living

Stone - Living

Fog - Living

Xia - Living

Brigid - Living

Leon - Living

Cloud - Living


Shoufuu - Living


Haku - Living


Salamander - Living

Destiny - Living


Tadpoleshadow - Living, member of FrozenClan

Sumea - Living

Kaen - Living


Goldenfox - Living, member of DawnClan


Hollow - Deceaced, residence unknown

Tokifrost - Living, member of TimeClan


Kahen - Living

Koukonheart - Living, member of TimeClan


Webshade - Living, member of DawnClan

Coppersoul - Living, member of DawnClan

Shorekit - Living, member of FrozenClan

Peachkit - Deceaced, member of StarClan

Moonkit - Living, member of FrozenClan

Lemonkit - Living, member of FrozenClan


  • Kiri means mist an Japanese

Character Pixels

Real Life Image


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