Kitestar is the leader of HackClan. He is role-played by Wild.


Kiteblade was first a loner named Kite, wondering the terriories of DawnClan. He soon met up with Blackstar was asked to join HackClan.

Kiteblade goes to the Moon-Heart to receive his nine lives with Blackstar and Violetleaf, the medicine cat. After Blackrose has her nine lives revoked, he bends down and touches the Moon-Heart. He receives his nine lives, and comes up as Kitestar.


  • He and Blackstar are mates.
  • His The World char is named Kite, and he is a twin blade.
  • His nine lives were

1: The gift of Virtues- given by Bluekit, a future kit of his.

2: The gift of Courage- given by Chakrakit, another future kit of his.

3: The gift of Letting Go- given by Kaikit, another future kit of his.

4: The gift of Heartfulness, given by Slash, his father.

5: The gift of Endurence, given by Pink, his mother.

6: The gift of Pureheartness, given by Spottedkit, another future kit of his

7: The gift of Hunting, given by Falconkit, another future kit of his.

8: The gift of Fierceness, given by Slashkit, another future kit of his.

9: The gift of Knowledge, given by Twig, his brother.

Real Life Image And World Char


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