Larkwing is a mottled dark brown tom with faithful orange eyes. His long-limbed muscular build makes him a great runner and an excellent fighter. He is very loyal to his clan, RippleClan, and has a burning desire to help any clanmates in need. Even when he's very anxious to do something, his patient nature gives him a good poker face. Larkwing is very competitive and if someone questions his loyalty, he is quick to defend himself.

Larkwing is roleplayed by Finchsong.


He is seen in camp, pawing at a leaf boredly. Larkwing then gets up to go find Stonefleck, interested in joining a patrol.

(More coming soon!)


  • Larkwing's eye color was inspired by Yellowfang.
  • He is distantly related to cats in WindClan.

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