Larxene is a cold, small, slender, beautiful, mischivious, cruel, uninterested, mean, soft-featured, pale golden she-cat with sleek, glossy, long, soft, flowing fur, two sleek spikes of fur that stick up on her head, and sharp, cold, and mischivious neon green eyes that crackle with spikes of electricty.

She is a member of The Organization.


Larxene was born to a she-cat named Liza, with an unknown father, and a single sibling, a tom named Demyx. She was the stronger of the two.

They were later abandoned, and Xemnas and his former mate, Radiance took them in.

She participates in the Greatest Battle with the other Organization cats who come to help DawnClan.

She later was expecting Saïx's kits.

They were later born, and named Myde and Relena. Myde eventually became her brother's apprentice, and then later Kairi's after Demyx was apprenticed to Hikari when he wanted to learn medicine.


Although Larxene is normally smiling, she can be undoubtedly cold, ruthless, and uncaring, and appears to love nothing more than to bring other people down. Described the most as a domineering woman of strong personality, who does not ask, but tells, she has sharp wit and sardonic remarks ready to spite others on purpose. Her jokes tend to be more ill-humored as well, enabling anyone to successfully get irritated, and sometimes if pushed far enough, yell or charge at her in anger, a reaction which she seems to find humorous.

Along with the callousness, however, she oddly displays childish and playful behavior, laughing and giggling excessively. Laid back and almost passive to those she likes, or refers to as good company, Larxene expresses herself in a dramatized manner, constantly making outrageous expressions and hand movements.


"Abit reluctantly."

Larxene to Vaporsmoke, DawnClan RP.

"It's not just Terra. Cats look at Larxene, who is strong, powerful, and has a mate and kits, and then, me being her brother, expect me to be the same. Then, they see me do one thing, and they realize that I'm weak, and totally alone."

Demyx speaking about Larxene to Hikari, Organization RP.


  • She is based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Larxene.


LarxenerealLarxene in Real Life

LarxeneeActual Larxene

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