Current EarthClan
Past: Loner

Leafbreeze is a rather small, beautiful she-cat with long, light golden fur. All of her paws are white, except the front right paw, and she has white on the tip of her fluffy tail, and she has bright, grass green eyes.


Leafbreeze is a warrior of EarthClan, and also the founder. She refused to become leader, she believed she wasn't ready to lead a Clan. Her time will come when she will step forward and lead EarthClan. She is still one of the youngest warriors in EarthClan, but it one of the most skillful as well. When she was around five moons old, she was a loner, having left the protection of her mother and father. Her destiny will lead her to places to cat has ever known, and her past has led her to become a warrior, as she always will be.

It was also thanks to her that EarthClan could communicate with its warrior ancestors, as she found the Startree.


Leafbreeze is kind and forgiving, but with tendancy to be easily hurt or offended. She has shown her Clan what she feels is nearly everything she can give it, and would stand with her clanmates in a time of battle. She has a rare ability to comfort her clanmates with her soothing, sympathetic words, and nearly always succeeds. Leafbreeze most treasures her ability to calm others, because she can always imagine herself in their position and therefore knows exactly what to say to calm and settle them. Though she often thinks that she is too caring, because she feels she's always having to "put out their fires". But she knows that it's her duty to, as no one else can as well. As a usually calm and open-mided cat, Leafbreeze normally shocks others with occasional outburts from all the built-up anger she holds it in. Leafbreeze can never forgive herself if she feels she is rude or spiteful to another cat, and she always apologizes; even if it is not her fault.


"We are different in the very same way."- Leafbreeze's encouragment to Goldenwish.

"With hope, we can get through the toughest of times. With light, we can get through the darkest. - Leafbreeze speaking to EarthClan on the fist Clan meeting.


Leafbreeze-real life photo

Real life picture

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