Leafstar is a beautiful, dappled, intelligent, fiery, hot-headed, cocky, overconfident, witty, slender, light brown tabby she-cat with a leaf-shaped white, moss-stained to green, flash on her chest, short, yet fluffy fur, a tuft of longer fur on her forehead, and intense, sparkling, leaf-green eyes.

She is the leader of ForestClan.


Leashar was born to two loners (now deceased) named Toisa (mother) and Dirksien (father) during a bitterly cold winter with one brother, Raki, who died of hypothermia.

She is found by Goldenface and Longpaw of ForestClan, and is adopted by Mousestar, the leader whose mate, Darkfeather, and kits, Belladonnakit, Palekit, Amberkit, and Twilightkit, had died of hypothermia. She was given the name Leafkit.

She is named an apprentice, Leafpaw, with the mentor Meadowleaf.

She is later named a warrior, Leaftwilight, and gains an apprentice, a handsome tom named Crookedpaw.

Crookedpaw is named a warrior, Crookedtail, and he and Leaftwilight become mates.

Leaftwilight gives birth to a single kit, Ivykit.

After she moves out of the nursery, Leaftwilight is named deputy.

When Mousestar steps down from being leader and becomes an elder, Leaftwilight becomes leader.

Crookedtail later becomes an elder early after a fight with a rogue which blinded him.

She later moves into the nursery, expceting another litter of Crookedtail's kits.


Leafstar is an intelligent, witty she-cat who is fond of retaliating taunts with sharp comments.

She has a tendancy to be very cocky and hot-headed, and her overcfonfidence can get her into trouble.


  • She still dearly misses Raki.

Nine Lives;

  1. Forest (founder of ForestClan) ~ Independence
  2. Toisa ~ Faith
  3. Dirksien ~ Courage
  4. Darkfeather ~ Strong Will
  5. Belladonnakit ~ Determination
  6. Palekit ~ Love
  7. Amberkit ~ Mentoring
  8. Twilightkit ~ Spirit
  9. Raki ~ Initiative




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