Leopardstrike is a slightly wiry golden-brown marbled tabby tom with dark brown and black splotches scattered randomly through out his pelt, a few dark red-brown stripes on his paws, forehead, neck and along his spine, a few tufts of pale red-brown fur scattered randomly through out his pelt and ice blue eyes.

He is roleplayed by Aspen. He is a warrior of Leopardstrike.


Leopard was born to Tiger and Hazel with one sibling, Dapple. He is the oldest and strongest in the litter.

When Leopard becomes one moon old, twolegs take his mother, father and sister away, leaving Leopard alone and defenseless.

Leopard soon finds a elderly tom cat name Reedfang and he teaches Leopard about the Clans because Reedfang was in a Clan but got exiled for mating with a she-cat from another Clan.

Reedfang dies peacefully of old age when Leopard is 9 moons old and his last words are "Help the Bright." Leopard does not understand these words at first but he does when Bright finds him and asks him to join the Clan she is making, BrightClan.

He becomes Leopardstrike.

He becomes a loner then eventually becomes a warrior of RavenClan.


Leopardstrike is seen very happy, funny and hyper in his kit hood but when his family gets captured by twolegs, he becomes sad and lonley. However, when Reedfang finds him, he is back to his normal happy and hyper self. His current personality is slightly flirty with Bright(star) as well.



Hazel - Residence Unknown.


Tiger - Residence Unknown.


Dapple - Alive, Residence Unknown.



Reedfang - Deceased, StarClan


None yet.


  • His mate will eventually be Brightstar.
  • He has loved Brightstar since he first saw her.

Real Life Image:

Aa Leopardstrike

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