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Leader: Hollystar
Deputy: open
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Greenlily

LifeClan's territory is a beautiful clover filled field. There are some rolling hills and lots of pretty flowers. There are many lakes where lots of ducks nest. There is a big mountain in the distance and a quiet waterfall trickling by Cloverstar's den. LifeClan cats are very kind and gentle but strong fighters.

Clan owned by Eagle



Hollystar: Dark gray she-cat with silver dapples, blue eyes (Eagle)


Blazefrost, Ginger tom with a white tail and amber eyes (Cotton)

Medicine Cat:

Greenlily: Ginger she-cat with dark green eyes (Meadow)


Eaglepaw: Silver she-cat with violet eyes and sleek wings (Eagle)


Frozenclaw: Icy white tom with yellow eyes (Meadow)

Volewhisker- gray tom

Silverstem- silver tabby she-cat

Falconfeather: Mottled light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a scar above her left eye. (Cinder)

Willowpelt- Brown, white, and black calico she-cat with light green eyes (Leaf)

Nightflower- Black she-cat with blue eyes (Leaf)

Hawksplash, Gray tom with darker stripes all over and blue eyes (Cotton)

Dead-ears, Black tom with gray eyes, deaf (Cotton)


Sandfur: Dusty colored she-cat with amber eyes, (Frozenclaws kit's)

Mothtail, Pretty ginger and black queen with white paws and blue eyes, mute/silent. (Cotton)




None yet


Opalkit:Very small white and calico she-kit, her eye color changes whenever she moves (Meadow)

Topazkit: Very small dusty colored tom with Yellow eyes (Meadow)

Diamondkit: Tabby tom with blue eyes (Eagle)

Tidalkit: Gray tabby she-cat with mystic blue eyes (Eagle)

Hurricanekit:Large dark gray tabby tom with mixed blue and white eyes (Eagle)

Damon: Damon is an all black kit with white on his chest he has blue eyes. His paw pads are all black. He has grey stripes on his legs, back and neck that will fade as he gets older. Damon's nose is also black.

Snowkit is a very, very small two day old kit. Snowkit is all white her eyes are sealed shut and her ears are folded. Snowkit has light pink paw pads and her nose is also light pink.

Leopardkit: Golden tabby and white she-kit with brown spots and amber eyes (Cinder)


If you want to join please leave a request on the talk page,


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Blazefrost flicked his tail back and forth, watching the Clan.

I'm sorry, did the middle of my sentence interupt the beginning of yours. 18:14, July 3, 2014 (UTC)

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