Lightkit is a cream tabby she-cat with a white chest, paws and green eyes. She is a ditzy and happy-go-lucky she-cat who never understands serious situations. She loves to playfully attack with her brother, Icekit, which normally hurts him due to his size, but she doesn't do that on purpose.

Lightkit is a kit of HeatherClan. She is roleplayed by XxMistfern.



Lightkit of HeatherClan


Lightkit has no history before joining HeatherClan.

Life in HeatherClan

Lightkit was born to Swanblaze with one brother in her litter, Icekit. She was raised in HeatherClan, despite his kittypet heiritage. She's always loved Clan life and wants to be the best warrior she can be when she's older.

Lightkit loves to play with her brother and doesn't understand why he's always trying to stay away from her, but also doesn't let that get to her.


Mentor: Too Young

Apprentices: Too Young


Mate: Too Young

Kits: Too Young

Parents: Swanblaze (Mother; Alive), Kittypet (Father; Status Unknown)

Siblings: Icekit (Brother; Alive)

Grandparents: Kittypets (Statuses Unknown)

Aunts/Uncles: Kittypets (Aunts; Statuses Unknown)


  • Lightkit has been told by Swanblaze that she looks just like her father, but with her grandmother's eyes.
  • Lightkit knows that her mother was a kittypet, but doesn't think too much of it.
  • Lightkit's favorite prey is mice, but she likes various species of birds as well.
  • Lightkit absolutely hates fish, despite her mother and brother's taste for it.
  • Lightkit's original name was going to be Dawnkit, but there was already a Dawnkit in HeatherClan, so Mistfern had to change it.
  • Lightkit's warrior name will be Lightwing.



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