Lightpath's past from before an apprentice was unknown from before she became apprentice to Passionflower. But she had learned her ways from Passionflower, who is an unknown location. Lightpath birthed to two kits; Brightkit and Tigerkit. Brightkit was mauled, and she now takes care of Tigerkit, Nightkit, and Fearkit, as well as Hopekit and Bravekit. Nightkit and Fearkit are Riverwind, a dead member's kits. Hopekit and Bravekit are actually Lightpath's sisters, for she has figured out tat the mother of these kits--Bravestar, is also Lightpath's mother as well. She is thinking on taking on leadership while nursing and being a medicine cat, if nessicary. She resides in CoraggiosoClan


  • Lightpath is Bravestar's daughter
  • She took on the name Lightpath only because Passionflower chose it--she wanted to be named Lightfoot.
  • Lightpath also didn't want to be with Gorse/paw(Not mentioned above) to be her mate and have his kits, she was raped by him.

Family members

Mother: Bravestar

Father: Maplefur

Brother: ///

Sisters: Hopekit, Bravekit

Mate: ///

Kits: Tigerkit, Brightkit (d)

This character is living, but no longer roleplayed as the clan has gone inactive.

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