Knuckles (My Real Cat)

This is a photo of the cat Lionpaw is based on, taken by me.

Lionpaw is a long-haired ginger tom with a white muzzle, underbelly, chest, paws and tail tip and pale green eyes. He is part of the 8th Generation Prophecy.

He is roleplayed by Cinder.


Lionkit is born to Silvermist and Sunflame. He has a brother, Smokekit and a sister, Splashkit.

Lionkit is shown to be excited when Twilightradiance's kits were being born.

Lionkit becomes an apprentice and is given Amberstream as a mentor.

When Splashpaw catches Bloomflower, he volunteers to escort her to the place where she could be treated, even though he knows he might never return to MossClan.


Lionpaw can be a little silly at times, but he is optimistic and friendly. He cares deeply for his friends, family and clan, and would give his life to save them. He loves getting attention, although he hides it.


  • Lionpaw is based on Cinderstar's pet cat, Knuckles.


"If I can't return, then at least I'll know I died for the sake of the clan." --Lionpaw to Hollystar before escorting Splashpaw for Bloomflower treatment.


Mother: Silvermist, alive

Father: Sunflame, alive

Brother: Smokepaw, alive

Sister: Splashpaw, alive

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