Lionpoppy is a large, slim, dark golden tabby she-cat with swirling brown stripes, large white paws, an amber flash on her forehead, amber wings, and dark, intense, stormy blue eyes.

She is a warrior of CloudClan.


Lionkit is born to Mousefang and Viasyniheart in CloudClan with one sister, Dawningkit. Viasyniheart dissapears after she is born, so Mousefang raised the two of them on her own.

She tries to ask Mousefang about Viasyniheart, but Mousefang tells her nothing.

When she is four moons old, Mousefang's backbone is broken when a rock falls on her. She and Dawningkit are taken care of by Brokenwing since Mousefang was forced to move to the elder's den.

She is made an apprentice, with Primrosepetal as her mentor.

When Brokenwing has her kits, she names the tom-kit Mottledkit.

She seems to like Mottledkit a bit.

She and her sister are made warriors: Lionpoppy and Dawningwater.

She discovers that she is expecting Mottledstorn's kits.

Her kits are born: Aufgekratztkit and Dachskit.

Her kits are made into apprentices.


"Mousefang, who's Viasyniheart?"
-Lionkit to Mousefang CloudClan Roleplay

"Brokenwing said that you were hurt, Mousefang. What happened?"
-Lionkit to Mousefang CloudClan Roleplay

"His name is Mottledkit. His mottled fur suits him."
-Lionpaw to Brokenwing CloudClan Roleplay



Mottledstorm - Living


Aufgekratzttalon - Living
Dachspaw - Deceaced, residence unknown.


Mousefang - Living


Viasyniheart - Deceaced, Verified StarClan member


Dawningwater - Living

Foster Mother:

Brokenwing - Living

Foster Sisters:

Katnisswing - Living
Primrosepetal - Living
Cinderspring - Living

Foster Brothers:

Wheatflight - Living
Embershade - Living
Fireburn - Living
Mottledstorm - Living

Character Pixels



  • She never knew her father
  • Her best friend is Ivysnow

Roleplayed By

This character is roleplayed by Luna.