Littlethorn is a quite handsome, calm, studious, serene, dedicated, sweet, friendly, lithe, nimble, long-haired, fluffy, nimble, quick, abnormally small, long-limbed, agile, silky-furred, thick-pelted, quiet, gentle, delicate, wise, caring, kind, light brown tabby tom with scattered white tabby patches like small clouds through his fur, soft, ruffled fur, large, fluffier white paws, a long, bushy, fox-like, thick-furred, silky, gentle, sweeping, fluffy, soft, plume-like tail, a long, tapered, narrow, fox-like, bright silver muzzle, large, pointed, widely-spaced black ears, and large, round, almond-shaped, gentle, brilliant, calm, clear, bright, glittery, intense, dark, intelligent, radiant, soft, blue eyes.





Physical Health;


Mental Health;



Littlethorn is a sweet, friendly tom with an amiable disposition. He is generally kind to all cats, regardless of if they're his Clanmates or not. He does have a serious side, though he retains his amiable disposition unless the situation is dire.
In times of danger, he is quick to act and drop his friendly face if he must.

Skills and Abilities;




Littlekit was born to Ryuupaw and Heartpaw in Past-Time Grove with five siblings, named Rainkit, Icekit, Snowkit, Sunnykit, and Mintkit.
He and his brothers are placed into a growth chamber and aged to apprentice age while his sister, Mintkit, is placed on the FallenClan border. He and his brothers were told to escape when they hit six moons.
As he runs, he gains a half-sister, Rikukit.

In RP;


After they aged, Littlepaw and his brothers escaped. They join FallenClan to be with their sister, and he becomes Runningsparrow's apprentice.
He begins to have feelings for another apprentice, Swanpaw.
He is later named a warrior, Littlethorn.
He is shown to be proud of his sister when she is named a warrior, Mintheart.
He gains his first apprentice, Tinypaw.
His apprentice is named a warrior, Tinysquirrel.
Snowcloud and Mintheart later leave with Lunarspell to form SpellClan, along with some others.
He notices Risingnight and Swancloud leaving with their family and a few friends and decides to follow them with Fallendawn.


He and Fallendawn join Risingnight's new Clan, RisingClan.
He is alarmed when, after seeing Darkfur's body, Fallendawn falls unconscious because he wasn't breathing. His yowling for his friend alarms Risingnight and Katnissblaze. Fallendawn soon awakes, thankfully.
He and Marshpaw go with Katnissblaze to gather herbs, and he witnesses Katnissblaze receiving an omen that Risingnight is to get her lives at the Crystal Pool that night.
Littlethorn is informed later that day that he and Swancloud would be escorting Risingnight to the Crystal Pool.
Swancloud is later expecting his kits, and when they're born, they're named Smallkit and Heartkit. He also gets to name one of Risingstar's kits, Shadowkit.
His kits are later apprenticed, and eventually become warriors named Smallswan and Heartdrift.
He receives his second apprentice, Moonpaw.
After several moons of training hard, Moonpaw is named a warrior, Moon___.
When the dogs attack RisingClan, he is badly injured, and his daughter Smallswan is killed.



Swancloud; Living, member of RisingClan.


Smallswan; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Heartdrift; Living, member of RisingClan


Heartshine; Living, member of FallenClan.


Ryuustrike; Living, member of FallenClan.


Rainglow; Living, member of FallenClan.
Iceglare; Living, member of FallenClan.
Snowcloud; Living, member of SpellClan.
Sunnyflare; Living, member of FallenClan.


Mintheart; Living, member of SpellClan.


Rikumist; Living, member of FallenClan.


Froststorm; Living, member of SpellClan.
Perennialkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Luckblossom; Living, member of SpellClan.
Luneflower; Living, member of SpellClan.
Stardustmint; Living, member of SpellClan.
Trickspell; Living, member of SpellClan.
Barkkit; Living, member of FallenClan.
Wolfkit; Living, member of FallenClan.


Fernkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Milkkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Softkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Fangsilver; Living, member of SpellClan.
Hawkblaze; Living, member of SpellClan.
Wolfnight; Living, member of SpellClan.
Nightheart; Living, member of SpellClan.
Berrykit; Living, member of FallenClan.


Frozenillusion; Living, member of SpellClan.
Icehawk; Living, member of SpellClan.
Shiningkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Daisykit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Iriskit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Gentlekit; Living, member of SpellClan.


Rainluck; Living, member of SpellClan.
Brightfang; Living, member of SpellClan.
Stealthkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Wetkit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Bumblekit; Living, member of SpellClan.
Harpykit; Living, member of SpellClan.


  • He is part kittypet because his mother was a kittypet.
  • He is also part DragonClan and part TawnyClan because his grandparents were from DragonClan and TawnyClan.


-Name to name InsertClan RPG


  • Kit; Littlekit
  • Apprentice; Littlepaw
  • Warrior; Littlethorn



Runningsparrow; Living, member of FallenClan.


Tinysquirrel; Living, member of FallenClan.
Moon___; Living, member of RisingClan


Character Pixels;

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