Longtail is a slender, wiry, slightly muscular, pale brown tabby tom with black stripes, a large, V-shaped, nick in his ear, a long tail, and calm, intense, pale blue eyes.

He is the medicine cat apprentice of RockClan.

He is also the brother of Burrstar.


Longtail was born to Rainpelt and Talonswoop, with three sisters; Ravenkit, Scarredkit and Burrkit.

He was the most mellow of the group, and always had to get his sisters out of trouble.

They later became apprentices, his mentor being Opalflower, a rather young warrior.

Burrpaw and Scarredpaw later left RockClan when the food supply dropped, leaving Ravenpaw and Longpaw heartbroken.

The siblings later became warriors, named Longtail and Raveneyes. He later became the medicine cat apprentice after the former one, Songflower, died of starvation.

Raveneyes's later died, leaving him alone in RockClan.

He later helped heal Tornpelt, after the tom was crushed under a tree.

His daughter eventually comes back to RockClan, and he welcomes her back warmly.


Longtail is very quiet, but not shy in the least. He tends to think before he speaks, although, his words seem to come out cold and harsh, or with no feeling at all. He prefers to be alone most of the time, and even when surrounded by a sea of cats, he can easily make it seem to him as if they weren't there at all. He's normally not quick to speak, though when he does speak, he always speaks his mind without holding back or being considerate of another creatures' feelings.

He does love to heal, but misses the hunting and fighting life of a warrior just a bit.


"Burrpaw and Scarredpaw....are gone?"

Longpaw to Boulderstrike(star); RockClan RPG.

"I wish to become a medicine cat in the memory of Songflower, Grassfeather."

Longtail to Grassfeather; RockClan RPG


  • Longtail was deeply in love with Songflower, and the she-cat returned his feelings. Some think that they even had a kit, named Taiga, who lives as a loner near RockClan.
  • He misses his sisters dearly.


LongtailReal life image~

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