Lorraine is an undersized, slighlty weak, delicate, fluffy, long-haired, nimble, cute, adorable, innocent, charming, long-limbed, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, slightly shy, imaginative, kind, nice, sweet, musical, curious, slender, strikingly beautiful, luminous, pale golden-brown tabby she-cat with pale yellowish-ginger paws, ear tips, and tail tip, a pale gray nose flash, chest flash, and stripe on her forehead, a scar through her left eye, blinding it, a nicked ear, a faint scar on her shoulder, and radiant, luminous, sparkling, intelligent eyes, one pale, cloudy, blind blue, and one brilliant, bright, intense violet.

She is an apprentice in JewelClan; her mentor is Thornspike.


Lorraine was born to Carolyn and Daniel with two sisters, Cho and Mitzuki. She was the youngest and weakest of the litter.

Daniel and Carolyn are later killed by a badger while they were out hunting, and Lorraine runs away from her sisters, overcome by grief.

She is later attacked by a fox, blinding her in her left eye.

Eventually, she is found by Silverpaw of JewelClan, and Lorraine decides to join JewelClan as an apprentice. She decides to keep her name instead of taking on a Clan name. Her mentor is Thornspike.


Lorraine is a very sweet, curious, and imaginative cat. She enjoys listening to the noises of the forest and manages to find tunes out of them.

However, Lorraine is also slightly shy due to her past.



Carolyn; Deceaced, member of StarClan.


Daniel; Deceaced, member of StarClan.


Cho; Living, currently a wandering loner.
Mitzuki; Living, currently a wandering loner.


  • She may become mates with Leappaw later in roleplay.
  • Her name, if she had decided to take a Clan one, would've been Lavenderpaw(spell)


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Real Life Image;


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