Lovebreeze is a warrior of DawnClan. She is roleplayed by Wild


Lovebreeze is a slightly sarchastic, funny, non-gullible, defending she-cat. She never backs down from a fight, and is very close to many of her friends.


Lovebreeze was born in DemonClan, but left once she became an apprentice. She then traveled to CloverClan, where she met Eagletalon and became a warrior. After CloverClan disbanded, they traveled together to DawnClan.

There, she met Brown-eyes, Bramble-ears, and Corekit, becoming close friends with them.

Lovebreeze will play a big role later on, possibly becoming a main character.


She might one day be mates with Eagletalon.

She will be a member of the 6th Generation Prophecy. She will have the power to control ice.

Her theme song is 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry. Link here:

Real Life Image


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