Luke is a small, bright, happy-go-lucky, observant, spazzy, adorable, fluffy, light blue-gray she-cat with white paws, muzzle, chest, underbelly, a long, plumy tail, longer-furred paws, a fox-like muzzle, and glittering, shining, bright, observant blue eyes.

She has a odd, almost British accent.

She has some abilities; them being to communicate with animals, to solve any puzzle, problem or question (to a lesser degree of Layton), and perfect balance.

She has these abilities from being Layton's soul mate.


Luke was born to Annie and Silver, with one sibling, named Glide.

Her mother sees two stars, one brown-white, and one blue-white, and thinks that one of them represents Luke.

She opens his eyes very early, and shows intelligence, and a good nature.

Luke later meets Layton when he, Xehanort, and Twilight came to Dawn Pack. She starts to call him Professor because he looks like one.

She later goes to the mountains with them, ans she falls asleep with Layton. They seem to have become very close.

Luke eventually becomes an apprentice.


Luke is a happy-go-lucky, free-minded little she-cat, with a mind for knowledge. She wants to know everything.

She seems to love all animals.

Eating is a hobby for her.


"I'm Luke! May I call you Professor instead of Layton? You look like a professor."
-Luke to Layton Dawn Pack RPG


  • Her mate will eventually be a tom named Layton.
  • She is based off of Luke Triton, from the Professor Layton series of video games.
  • Layton will call her Lu or Lulu, although she prefers the former.
  • She makes snuffling noises in her sleep.


LukeLuke in real life~

LukeTritonLuke as a human/Actual Luke~

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