Lunakit is a charming, curious, serene, timid, shy, quiet, calm, serious, long-haired, fluffy, observant, stargazing, blue-gray she-cat with scattered patches of yellow-ginger, a yellow-ginger patch of fur on her chest, forehead, and the back of her neck, each one shaped like a crescent moon, and bright, glowing, radiant silver-yellow eyes.

She is a kit in MossClan.

She is a member of a prophecy. She can use her emotions to go into various forms, depending on her mood, and they are explained below.


Lunakit is born to Twilightradiance and Moonstorm in MossClan with four siblings, Skykit, Darkkit, Shimmerkit, and Icekit.

She is shown to take an interest in stargazing, and usually wakes up earlier than the other cats so she can stargaze.


Lunakit is a charming, serious she-cat who can usually keep her cool in extreme situations. She seems to be calmest at night.

She is also very observant and has a massive interest in stargazing.


Mother; Twilightradiance; Living

Father; Moonstorm; Living

Brothers; Darkkit, Icekit; Living

Sisters; Skykit, Shimmerkit; Living

Powers Explanation;

Lunakit can take on a different form with her emotions. She, however, doesn't know of this ability yet.

Her forms are;

  • Berserk; fueled by anger. She goes savage when she's angered, and only her allies are safe from her attacks.
  • Bubbly; fueled by happiness. She becomes extremely talkative and distracting, to the point of extreme annoyance. Her reflexes are extremely sharp, though, so she will skillfully dodge most attacks.
  • Grieving; fueled by sadness. She will literally begin to cry a river if she is saddened by something, such as a friend's death, by an enemy.
  • and Manipulative; fueled by love. If she is in love with an ally, she can turn that love into a weapon against her enemies, using it to manipulate another cat into doing her will.


  • Her warrior name will be Lunasparkle
  • She will later learn about her powers
  • Her powers, name, and appearence are slightly based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Saïx
  • She will later become leader


Character Pixels;

Real Life Image;


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