Madison is a beautiful, slender, graceful brown she-cat with extremely curly fur and green eyes with brown flecks in them.

She is roleplayed by Phoenix.


She was born to Getsugaclaw's former mate, Springsakura, who died soon after her birth. At the time, Madison was called Timekit. She was apprenticed to Graysoul and earned her warrior name, Timeheart. Timeheart, howver, left the Clan because Graysoul refused to take a patrol out to fight the animals terrorizing her Clan.

After a few moons of wandering, Marina found her and took her home, naming her Madison. The she-cat soon enjoyed being in Marina's home because she was allowed to act, more or less, like a wild cat in Marina's rather forest-like backyard. Marina enjoyed having Madison as company, often studying her behavior and letting her watch anime. Arguably, Madison's ability to understand Twolegs a little came from Marina letting her read manga.

She soon was brought to the Laboratory, where Marina worked, and met Jayfeather's brother Lionblaze. Madison helped free Richtofen from the Laboratory.


Madison is happy most of the time, enjoying anyone she meets who offer company. She often stares off into space, and daydreams a lot. Despite her space cadet-like appearance, she actually is quite smart, understanding Twolegs a little, but is a slacker at times. Madison also sometimes is shy around large groups of other cats, due to being ot of a Clan for so long. If bullied, her anger is similar to that of Goldstar's whenever someone calls him short. She can think up comebacks quicker than you can say mouse.

Madison loves watching anime and reading manga, often sneaking into Marina's private collection.

Madison also has a strong loyalty to those she holds dear, and is not afraid to unsheathe her claws in case she's needed.


She is based somewhat off of Phoenix in real life, though Phoenix will not say whether or not it is her true name or personality.


"I don't care if other cats think I'm random. Hey look, a clover!"

Madison to Blazedawn.

"And based off that theory, you really think cats can fly?"

Madison to Nightscar.

"It's only the GREATEST THING EVAH!"

Madison explaining to Janie what anime and manga are.

"Listen, you old cat! This Clan won't survive many more seasons unless you go to kill!" "My choice stands firm and clear, Timeheart. We will not fight." "Then I'm leaving!"

Madison arguing Graysoul's law.

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