Marethyu is a mysterious, odd, fluffy, long-haired, calm, sometimes misleading, slender, long-limbed, sleek, muscular, scarred, pure, intelligent, manipulative (in a good way), calculating, collected, cold, cunning, wise, slightly confusing, ebony-black tom with a mechanical gold left forepaw that has a half-moon (or a hook) engraved on it, a few strands of pale golden-brown fur falling in his face, a long, busy, soft, sweeping plume of a tail, and mysterious, twinkling, often misleading, bright, glowing blue eyes.

He is an altered Laboratory cat, and a former rogued. He is injected with DNA from a black panther.


Marethyu was born to Kiseki and Abraham with a single sister, Kokoro. Kiseki died giving birth to him and his sister, and Kokoro was born dead.

When he was four moons old, Abraham was killed by a pack of dogs.

Marethyu's left forepaw is later run over by a monster, disabling use of it.

He is found by Mason of the Laboratory, and, with Luna's help, amputates Marethyu's unusable paw and replaces it with a gold mechanical paw.

He escapes the Laboratory and meets a young she-cat named Molly. The two quickly become mates.

Molly bears his single kit, named Kumori.

Molly is later killed while fighting off a fox, causing Kumori to run away in sadness. Marethyu is shown to be deeply upset about this.

He later overhears Twilight and Autumn talking about forming a pack. He thinks that he'd be better off on his own.

He then wanders around until he is spotted by Elise from the Laboratory. She takes him in, discovering that Luna and Mason remember him, and Mason injects him with black panther DNA. Apart from becoming more muscular, Marethyu remains the same.

He later meets (and begins falling in love with) Bailey.


Marethyu is highly intelligent and manipulative (in what apperas to be a positive way). He seems very calm, calculating, collected, and cold all at once.

He also appears to be wiser than most cats, respected and influential.



Molly; Deceaced, residence unknown.


Kumori; Living, member of the Organization.


Kiseki; Deceaced, residence unknown.


Abraham; Deceaced, residence unknown.


Kokoro; Deceaced, residence unkown.


  • He is based off of the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel character Marethyu
  • According to the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel book The Warlock, his name, in the language of Danu Talis, means "Death". Another translation of it also means "Man."
  • He will have another mate, and it is confirmed to be Bailey.

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