Marina is a young woman with black hair and blue eyes. She works at the Laboratory and is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Ever since Marina was little, she loved cats and wanted to help them in any way she could. When she was old enough, she was allowed to do an internship at the lab and loved it. She decided to work there to help cats.

When Janie attempted to give her cat Dog DNA, Marina and Hime quickly took action, and Sun was injected with Fox DNA. Sun and several other cats escaped, and Luna fired Janie for trying to give Sun dog DNA, though Janie accidentally went out the wrong way and was injected with Cat DNA, thus turning her into a cat.

She found Madison wandering outside one day, and adopted her, letting her live like a wild cat in her forest-y backyard. Marina is upset that no one will listen to her and storms into her office angrily.


Marina appears calm and helpful, but she does have energetic moments. She is very defensive towards cats, often feeling sick when a cat is injected with DNA. If often ignored, she refuses to talk to anyone for a period of time.


  • She is based off the Nightschool series character Marina

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