Riversight is an amazingly beautiful white she-cat with a pale silvery-gray back, forehead, and back half of her tail, a little dark gray fur near her mouth, pale creamy-brown tips to her fur above her nose and on the left side of her muzzle, slightly large paws, a long, skinny, wiry-looking, thick-pelted, sleek, smooth, silky-furred, soft-furred, short-haired tail, large, pointed ears, a unusual orange-pink nose, and amazingly beautiful, sparkling, memory filled, glistening, shimmering, river blue eyes with a few unnoticed ice blue flecks near her pupils.

She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Riverkit is born to Ivywater(mother) and Whitestripe(father, FrozenClan) in LostClan with two siblings, Mistkit and Featherkit. She is the strongest and the oldest in the litter.

She, Ivywater, Mistkit and Featherkit are exiled out of camp because Ivywater mated with a cat from FrozenClan. Whitestripe also gets kicked out of FrozenClan for mating with Ivywater.

Whitestripe renames himself White and finds Ivywater. Ivywater renames herself Ivy and her kits Mist, Feather and River.

White begins to rape River, Feather, and Mist, killing Mist and Feather.

River has her father's kits at the age of six moons old. She names them Hope and Faith.

River murders White, and Ivy starts to abuse River and her kits.

Hope and Faith die of being drowned by Ivy.

River murders Ivy and starts traveling alone.

Bright(star) then finds River, and River tells Bright her past.

River agrees to join BrightClan and starts traveling with Leopard(strike), Bright(star), Memory(dove) and Fawn(Gentlefawn).

River becomes Riversight after Brightstar receives her nine lives.

Brightstar renames herself Brightdream, Gentlefawn renames herself Milkberry. Brightdream, Milkberry, Wolfpaw, Ashpaw, Stardustpaw, Snowpaw, Mousepaw, Leopardstrike and Crystaldawn become loners. Riversight does as well.

After this, she joins RavenClan.

Eventually, she admits her love for Troutstar and begins to expect his kits.

She is seen chatting with Comfreylight, a fellow RavenClan queen, by Troutstar.


In her first moon of life, Riversight is nice, happy, bubbly and fun, but she starts to become sassy, sharp-tounged, leader-like, fiery, and caring.

She hides being caring, however, by being sharp-tounged and slightly mean to everyone.

She is starting to become nicer.

Once she joins RavenClan, she is much more kind.



Ivy - Deceased, Dark Forest


White - Deceased, Dark Forest


Mist - Deceased, StarClan

Feather - Deceased, StarClan


Hope - Deceased, StarClan

Faith - Deceased, StarClan


Troutstar - Alive, RavenClan



  • She will never regret joining RavenClan.
  • She will have two litters of kits and their father will be Troutstar.
  • She may or may not name her kits Featherkit and Mistkit for her deceased sisters.

Real Life Image:

Aa Riversight

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