Melodiousmist is a slender, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, music-loving, imaginative, high-spirited, cheerful, positive, optimistic, long-limbed, agile, lithe, slightly small, underestimated, slightly lazy, sweet, kind, friendly, yet shy, light blue-gray she-cat with scattered pale cream patches in her fur, white paws, chest, muzzle, throat, tail tip, underside of her tail, muzzle, and most of her face, a soft, bright red-pink nose, soft, gentle paws, short, yet sharp claws, a long, sweeping plume of a tail, normal-sized, pointed ears, darker blue-gray fur around her head, bright, glowing, sparkling, shining, calm, radiant, luminous, friendly, inviting, sweet, kind, pale green eyes, and a soft, sweet, gentle, melodic voice.

She is a warrior in DawnClan.

She is a member of a prophecy. She possesses the ability to calm any animal down with her singing. Her ability comes with a price, however, resulting in her voice weakening every time she uses it. If she uses it too often, she looses her voice. Due to this, she rarely uses her power.


After Scartail raped Sakuramelody, she is born to Sakuramelody in DawnClan with no siblings.

Once she opens her eyes, Sakuramelody tells her that she was Cottongale's daughter, but Melodiouskit wasn't fooled. She knew that Cottongale wasn't her real father, so she managed to get the name of her true father, Scartail, out of Sakuramelody.

She is later seen in the Echoing Whispers battle keeping an eye on an unconcious Lunarpaw from FallenClan.

She is later named an apprentice, Melodiouspaw, and her mentor is Mockingjay.

She recieves her warrior name with her friends Plumepaw, Sadepaw, and Arrowpaw. They become Melodiousmist, Plumecloud, Sadeangel, and Arrowheart.


Melodiousmist is a very kind and caring cat like her mother, though she is lazier. Due to being on the lazy side, she is often underestimated.

She is friendly, but is leaning toward the shy side.



Sakuramelody; Living


Scartail; Living, current whereabouts unknown


Plumecloud; Half-sister; living

Sadeangel; Half-sister; living

Arrowheart; Half-brother; living

Chloe; Half-sister; living; member of the Abandoned

Thrush; Half-brother; living; member of the Organization

Kagura; Half-sister; living; member of the Organization

Maxie; Half-sister; living; member of the Organization


  • She is very slightly based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Demyx
  • It is confirmed that she will become mates with Pricklekit (berry)


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Real Life Image;


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