Milkberry is a very tiny creamy white she-cat with a pale brown spot on her haunch, pale brown ears, tail, a few spots near her face, some white tufts of fur on her pale brown tail and pretty eyes, one pale blue and one dark brown-green.

She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Fawn was born to Alaina(mother) and Jack(father) as a loner with no siblings. Her mother and father where loners and abandoned her when she was three moons old infront a old twoleg's house.

The twoleg brought Fawn into his home and took care of her until she was five moons old and then he started to abuse her.

Fawn ran away from the house and the man.

She soon found Bright(star), a loner who was making a Clan called BrightClan. Fawn had heard of the Clans and knew about them so she agreed to join as the medicine cat so she could heal wounds and not make them on other cats.

Bright introduces her when they find Isabelle(Flower/Flowerdust)

She becomes Gentlefawn.

Gentlefawn and Memorydove help Crystaldawn during her kitting.

Crystaldawn asks if Gentlefawn and Memorydove could name two of her kits. The two medicine cats accept and Memorydove names a tom kit Wolfkit and Gentlefawn names a tom kit Ashkit.

Gentlefawn receives an apprentice, Stardustpaw.

Gentlefawn goes on a patrol with Ashpaw, Stardustpaw and Darkspirit.

Gentlefawn, Memorydove and Rainpaw talk to Darkspirit about Ashpaw's overprotectiveness over Stardustpaw.

Gentlefawn renames herself Milkberry after she leaves BrightClan.

She becomes a warrior of RavenClan.


As a kit, Milkberry was fun loving, happy and bright natured but because of her past, she is now traumatized, scared, timid, fear filled, slightly mysterious, sly, very loyal, stealthy, slightly weak and quiet.



Alaina - Residence Unknown


Jack - Residence Unknown



Brightdream(not officialy)- Alive


Memorydove- Alive (Formerly)

Stardustfeather - Alive (Formerly)


"Do you like the name Ashkit? That name seems to suit the gray tom."
-Gentlefawn to Crystaldawn, naming one of Crystaldawn's sons in BrightClan roleplay.


  • She will eventually get a mate.

Real Life Image:

Aa Milkberry

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