Mistyfoot is a pale, muscular blue-gray she-cat with shredded ears, a white chest, part of muzzle, and paws, thorn-sharp claws, piercing fangs, and deep, ocean blue eyes that have a sea-green tint to it.


Mistyfoot can have a sharp tongue, although she's usually a smooth, laid-back she-cat. She can be quite bossy at times, and sometimes very annoying. She despises SnowClan so much, she always believes that they are there to invade whenever they are marking the borders between HeatherClan and themselves. Mistyfoot can be soft and caring, but she always jumps to conclusions, and has no patience for anything, let alone an answer. She can easily be distracted by the forest and everything in it, because she doesn't focus on too many things. Despite the odds, she is a very determined she-cat, and will save her clan at all costs, even when her life is at risk.



Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Mother - Moon; Deceased
Father - Fire; Deceased
Brother - River; Deceased


Character Pixels

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  • Crystal loves her.

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