Former Leaders;

Monochrome Large, somewhat muscular, kind-hearted, gentle, yet fierce in battle, black and white tom with coal-colored eyes. Killed by Beachwind of ColorClan in revenge for him accidentally killing Color. Roleplayed by Luna.

Wingstar Long-haired, soft-furred, fluffy, gentle, loving, sweet, black and white tabby she-cat with very dark gray, almost black, rings around her eyes, and gleaming black eyes the color of coal. Succeeded Monochrome. While out fishing at the creek on her own, a storm broke out. Heavy rain caused the stream to flood, but since Wingstar got one of her hind paws stuck in some muddy rocks, she was unable to escape and drowned. Succeeded by Ironstar. Heatherstar's (of ColorClan) mate. Mysteryheart's (also of ColorClan) mother. Roleplayed by Luna.

Former Deputies;

Ghostlife Quiet, almost ghostly, fluffy, long-haired, pure white she-cat with white eyes. Soundshock's mate, Ironstar's mother, and the first deputy of MonochromeClan. Killed unexpectedly by a sinkhole at the end of the fight that killed the founders. Roleplayed by Luna.

Former Medicine Cats;

Soundshock Fluffy, sleek, limber, calm, collected, light silver and black tabby tom with large, white paws, a long, thin tail, and very pale green, almost white, eyes. Ghostlife's mate, Ironstar's father, and the first medicine cat of MonochromeClan. Killed in the fight that killed the founders. Roleplayed by Luna.

Skidfrost Shy, timid, fearful, constantly anxious, yet displays herself as cheerful, smiley, pure white she-cat with long, soft fur, short, small claws, and pale gray eyes. She was ColorClan's first medicine cat, but was exiled by Wishstar when she took leadership because of her [Skidfrost's] pure white pelt. Later died due to severe anxiety. Soulfeather's sister. Roleplayed by Luna.

Former Warriors;

Chromeheart Long-haired, blunt, apathetic, fiercely loyal, dark gray she-cat with a lighter, slightly creamy underbelly, and dark blue-gray eyes. Died due to the wounds she sustained from fighting Beachwind and Loveblossom during the battle that killed the founders. Roleplayed by Luna.

Former Apprentices;

Currently none.

Former Queens;

Currently none.

Former Kits;

Currently none.

Former Elders;

Currently none.

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