Moonfeather is a beautiful, slender, delicate pale gray she-cat with white toes, tail tip, and a flash on her left flank shaped like a crecent moon, a darker gray face, ears and a ring around her tail tip and pretty neon blue eyes with barley visible lighter speckles around her pupils.

She is a warrior in LakeClan. She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Luna was born to Silvcha and Storme with one sibling, Stoney as a kittypet in the middle of spring. She was named by her mother for the marking on her flank shaped like a crecent moon.

When Luna became a week old, her parents and sibling got adopted by a twoleg family.

Another week later Luna was adopted but before the twolegs could get her into their monster, she ran into the forest.

Luna lived on her own for two more weeks until the cats of LakeClan found her. Luna then joins LakeClan as Moonkit and is cared for by Bluedapple and Snakepath.

She is made an apprentice along with her adopted siblings. Her mentor is Snakepath, her adopted father.

After Cherryfrost has her kits, she names the she-kit Sorrelkit for the sorrel leaf shaped markings on her cheek and haunch.

She catches a mouse and a shrew on her first training session and when she gets back to camp with Creekpaw, Snakepath and Platinumcloud, Creamystar has her kits named Daisykit, Branchkit and Eyekit.

After wolves attack, her new mentor is Tawnyleaf.

She is made a warrior with the name Moonfeather.


Moonfeather is very wise and quiet, rarley speaking unless she has a wise thing to say. Moonfeather is also seen to be very motherly when she is older.



Silvcha - Residence Unknown


Storme - Residence Unknown


Stoney - Residence Unknown

Adopted Mother:

Bluedapple - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Adopted Father:

Snakepath - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Adopted Sisters:

Creekdapple - Alive, LakeClan

Shadewater - Alive, LakeClan

Adopted Brother:

Lizardpath - Alive, LakeClan



Snakepath - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Tawnyleaf - Alive, LakeClan


None yet.


None yet.


  • Her and her future mate, Eyekit, will eventually have three kits.
  • Her mate will eventually be Eyekit.

Real Life Image:

Aa Moonkit

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