Cat adopted by Cottonfur for RainbowClan


A white tabby she-cat. Face turns blue during a full moon.


Moonlight was born as Moonkit. Her parents are unknown, she was adopted at Sky Kit Adoption. At six moons old she got her apprentice name Moonpaw and her mentor, Rainbowstar. Moonpaw admits to Rainbowstar that she is on Proudhearts side and Rainbowstar tries to kill her, but Darknight and Proudheart save her. Later, Moonpaw, Sunpaw, and Dragonfire go to kill the rouge in the forest. When they come back, Moonpaw and Sunpaw have to go to WillowClan and kill someone. They decide to kill a kit and later figure out that the kit is named Littlekit. Moonpaw and Sunpaw go back to camp and Proudheart sends Moonpaw, Dragonfire, and Darknightto kill another member of WillowClan. Dragonfire says they should split up, him and Moonpaw then Darknight. Moonpaw and Dragonfire kill a WillowClan warrior, Morningpoppy and go back to camp. When they get back, Moonpaw, Sunpaw, and Skypaw get their warrior names Moonlight, Sunfall, and Skyblossom. Proudheart then sends Dragonfire and Moonlight to BriarClan to send a message to Tomwhisker, an evil tom. Once they get there, they tell Tomwhisker the message, but Tomwhisker pins Moonlight down and mates with her. Dragonfire carries Moonlight to a lake near RainbowClan and Moonlight admits that she feels a kit inside her. Dragonfire feels her belly, denies it, and says he feels five, four for him and one for Tomwhisker. Dragonfire says they could always give the kit away or kill it. Moonlight says she will name it Deadkit. Dragonfire says the he will say he is the kits father and Moonlight thanks him. Dragonfire and Moonlight later go to WillowClan again to kill another one of their warriors and Dragonfire ends up carrying her most of the way. Moonlight over hears Proudheart that she can't go to WillowClan with the rest of the group because of her kits and Moonlight retorts that if Mousefeather gets to go when she just had her kit, Blackkit, that she should get to go.





Mousefeather (adopted), Living RainbowClan




Sunfall, Living RainbowClan

Skyblossom, Living RainbowClan


Dragonfire, Living RainbowClan

Tomwhisker (formally), Living BriarClan


Not born yet




Proudheart (unofficially)


None yet.


  • She will have five kits four for Dragonfire, one for Tomwhisker
  • Tomwhiskers kit will be named Deadkit

Cotton's favorite Moonlight Roleplays

None yet.

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