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Leader: Rowanstar
Deputy: Sparklepulse
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Goldenswan/Icefleck


MorningClan lives on a island in the middle of a lake (think the new Clans' homes in the Warriors books) called Bright Dawn Island. It is always light there. They primarily fish, but are known to swim onto dry land (near ColorClan and MonochromeClan) sometimes to catch prey such as small rodents, small birds, and the extraordinarily rare rabbit. Owned by Leia.


Rowanstar - Very large, wolf-like, handsome, spiky-furred, fluffy, thick-pelted, long-haired, ragged, broad-shouldered, good-natured, nice, caring, funny, slightly care-free, calm, serene, pale ginger tabby tom with small white spots on his paws, tail, ears, near his face, and on his legs, dark ginger stripes on his legs and belly, an even paler ginger face, toes, and ear tips, large, clumsy, fluffier paws, long, muscular, fluffy legs, tufted, very large, pointed ears, a short, ragged, fluffy, spiky, thick, long-furred tail, and odd cream-colored eyes flecked with bright amber. Sunpoppy's mate. Amberhope's father. (Tardis)

Apprentice; Sweetpaw


Sparklepulse - Slender, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, agile, lithe, nice, kind, sweet, quiet, long-limbed, gentle, strikingly-beautiful, glossy, sparkling, calm, serene, studious, sweet, friendly, likable, bright-minded, intelligent, light-hearted, talented, pale silver tabby she-cat with scattered white flecks in her pelt like drifting snow, small, fine white paws, a long, sweeping, gentle, silky, fluffy, fox-like plume of a tail with a white tip, soft, ruffled, sparkling fur, and intelligent, bright, luminous, sparkling, shimmering, glowing blue eyes with scattered speckles and streaks of bright, neon green. Wetstorm's mate. Icefleck's mother. (Leia)

Medicine Cat;

Goldenswan - Smart, talented, calm, serene, pretty, delicate, thin-furred, wispy-furred, feathery, short-haired, fluffy, nimble, swift, sweet, amazingly beautiful, bright golden tabby she-cat with darker and lighter patches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, a tortoiseshell patch on the underside of her tail, tortoiseshell toes, tail tip, and ear tips, pale golden tabby paws, underbelly, chest, and face, round, fluffier paws, a short, stumpy, Manx tail, pointed, small ears, and bright, pupil-less, blind, sightless, shining, dazzling, pure, dark amber eyes. (Tardis)

Apprentice; Icefleck


Swanmist - Pure, soft-furred, gentle, agile, lithe, nimble, feathery, swan-like, graceful, white she-cat with soft, feathery fur, two wing-like tufts of fur on her back with black tips at the ends, and beautiful, elegant, pale blue eyes. She is deaf, and she "listens" to cats by placing her tail on their throats, allowing her to feel the vibrations. She can also read lips. A combination of the two tactics allowed her to learn to speak. Specklestrike's mate. Emeraldshimmer's mother. A former medicine cat. (Leia)

Moonbird - Wiry, bird-like, strong, big, pretty, aggressive to other Clans, yet nice to every cat in her Clan, short-haired, thick-pelted, well-kept, wispy-furred, slightly feathery, white she-cat with large, feathery, white wings with bright ginger, dark brown, pale silvery-gray, and pinkish-cream stripes on them, used for flight, bright ginger, pale silvery-gray, pinkish-cream, and dark brown stripes scattered randomly throughout her pelt, a black mark on her haunch shaped like a crescent moon, large, clumsy-looking paws, normal-sized, tufted ears, a long, skinny, wiry, feathery, thick, well-kept, wispy, sweeping, short-furred tail, and bright, shining, shimmering, dazzling, neon orange eyes with ripples of pale amber in them. (Tardis)

Apprentice; Marshpaw

Patchlion - Muscular, long-hared, broad-shouldered, lion-like, dark, kind, willing, intense, bold, nice, fearless, brave, intrepid, strong-willed, handsome, dark golden-brown tabby tom with scattered darker and lighter mottled/swirled patches, scattered patches of black and white, large, hefty paws, and intense, dark, calm amber eyes. Featherwillow's mate. Opalsparkle, Pebbledapple, Willowfrost, Shadowedstorm, Grayshade and Poppyfeather's father. (Leia)

Wetstorm - Fluffy, short-haired, lean, broad-shouldered, muscular, handsome, charming, likable, nice, aggressive to enemies, slender, sleek, glossy, silky-furred, long-limbed, dark blue-gray tom with silver, dark, storm-cloud gray, and black stripes scattered through his pelt, a long, fluffy, white plume of a tail, and intense, dark, bright, radiant blue-green eyes. Icefleck's father. Featherwillow's brother. Sparklepulse's mate. (Leia)

Eaglescar - Very large, husky, short-haired, thin-furred, slightly spiky-furred, handsome, ambitious, mean, aggressive, battle-hungry, dark brown tabby tom with black tabby, dark gray tabby, pale gray tabby, creamy-brown tabby, cream tabby, and pale silvery-brown tabby splotches scattered randomly through out his pelt, a long scar running from his throat, curving around his belly, and ending at his back left leg, large, clumsy-looking paws, very large, pointed ears, long, razor-sharp fangs and claws, broad shoulders, long, muscular legs, a wiry, skinny tail, and dark gray eyes with blood-red flecks inside of them. (Tardis)

Apprentice; Sagepaw

Specklestrike - Speckled, fluffy, broad-shouldered, short-haired, dark brown tabby and white tom with gray paws, ear tips, tail tip, a tuft of fur on his chest, nose flash, and underbelly, scattered black and greenish-gray flecks, and pale, sharp green eyes. Swanmist's mate. Emeraldshimmer's mother. (Leia)

Rockstorm - Short-haired, thick-pelted, slightly rough-furred, ragged, spiky-furred, slightly undersized, underestimated, very strong, wiry, muscular, temperamental, fiery-natured, fierce, swift, skinny, dark brown tom with dark gray tabby, gingery-brown tabby, bright ginger tabby, and black tabby splotches, like falling rocks, scattered randomly throughout his pelt, large, round paws, a long, skinny, wiry, thick, slightly rough, short-furred tail, long, muscular legs, slightly small, pointed ears, and dark amber eyes with ripples of pale blue and pale brownish-orange in them. Mossdawn's mate. Sweetpaw, Sagepaw, and Marshpaw's father. (Tardis)

Mossdawn - Cute, bright-natured, energetic, funny, delicate, short-haired, swirling, slightly curly-furred, silky-furred, soft-furred, swift, nimble, lithe, beautiful, pale greenish-golden-brown she-cat with darker greenish-golden-brown and dark cream-colored spots scattered randomly throughout her pelt, cream-colored toes, tail tip, fur above her nose, and a tabby patch on the underside of her tail, small, creamy-golden-brown tabby patches on her legs and one on her left flank, razor-sharp, tiny, small claws, a long, plumy, fluffy, silky, soft-furred tail, quite large, slightly rounded ears, small, fluffier paws, and slanted, bright, shining, dazzling, shimmering eyes, one bright golden with small, pale blue flecks inside of it, and one neon green with light brown flecks in it. Rockstorm's mate. Sweetpaw, Sagepaw, and Marshpaw's mother. (Tardis)

Jadesplash - Amazingly beautiful, calm, serious, slightly emotionless, yet loving and caring, ambitious, very loyal, pretty, helpful, gentle, very strong, slightly muscular, swift, sly, short-haired, silky-furred, soft-furred, mottled pale greenish-silver, almost greenish-white, she-cat with small darker and lighter spots scattered randomly throughout her pelt, round, slightly big paws, pointed, large ears, a long, plumy, fluffy, silky, soft, long-furred tail, and slanted, bright, shining, slightly misty, neon green eyes with flecks of dark, smoky green and pale, misty green in them. Mintfern's sister. Webfoot's mate. (Leia)

Webfoot - Clumsy, easily hurt, klutzy, very large, smart, shy, quiet, muscular, strong, easily picked on, short-haired, spiky-furred, fluffy, white tom with dark brown stripes on his legs, tail, ears, and underbelly, a few unnoticed, very pale brown, almost white, spots on his legs, ears, underbelly, tail, and a few near his face, large, very klutzy and clumsy paws, a long, wiry, skinny tail, and dark, smoky greenish-brown eyes with ripples of lighter green and lighter brown in them. He gets picked on by Mintfern a lot. Jadesplash's mate. (Leia)

Leopardsoul - Very strong, handsome, husky, swift despite his weight, bright-natured, loyal, not ambitious, funny, energetic, short-haired, thick-pelted, fluffy, spiky-furred, unkempt, hyper, wild, slightly carefree, bright golden tom with black and dark brown spots scattered randomly throughout his pelt, white ears, a black muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip, large, fluffier, clumsy paws, a long, skinny, wiry tail, long, muscular legs, razor-sharp, long fangs and claws, and bright eyes, one dark, smoky, yet bright blue, the other bright golden with unnoticed, pale amber flecks inside of it. (Leia)

Amberhope - Amazingly beautiful, smart, delicate, very strong, swift, determined, nimble, pretty, soft-furred, medium-length-furred, silky-furred, smooth, well-kept, dedicated, honey-colored, mottled golden-brown she-cat with white rings around her eyes, a white underbelly, the inside of her ears, the inside half of her legs, and muzzle, round, slightly small ears, short legs, a short tail, and bright, dazzling, shimmering, sparkling, beautiful, honey-colored, golden-ambery-brown eyes with lighter rings around her pupils. Rowanstar and Sunpoppy's daughter. (Tardis)

Apprentice; Brightpaw

Brambleface - Serious-natured, ambitious, fierce, quiet, loyal, very large, muscular, short-haired, thick-pelted, soft-furred, well-kept, broad-shouldered, slightly emotionless, quite handsome, dark brown tabby tom with a brownish-cream underbelly, tail tip, face, chest, and paws, small, thin, jagged stripes on his legs, tail, near his face, on his ears, long, muscular legs, large, clumsy- and klutzy-looking paws, long, sharp fangs and claws, a long, fluffy, plumy, sweeping, soft, thick, well-kept, long-furred tail, large, pointed, tufted ears, and slightly expressionless, slightly emotionless, dark amber eyes with streaks of bright orange in them and small, pale yellow flecks in the streaks of bright orange. (Tardis)

Pebbledapple - Beautiful, smart, daring, reckless, playful, talented, cute, energetic, bubbly, happy, bright-natured, strong, slightly undersized, pretty, short-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, ruffled, unkempt, soft-furred, sweet, determined, ambitious, loyal, dark silvery-gray tabby she-cat with golden-grayish-white splotches, like tiny pebbles, scattered randomly throughout her pelt, a lighter silvery-gray muzzle, ear tips, chest, underbelly, neck, and a few spots on her paws, tail, and near her face, a short, thick, silky, unkempt, ruffled, short-furred tail, round paws, large, pointed ears, long, slightly muscular legs, and shining, beautiful, dazzling, pretty, bright amber eyes with small, ice-blue flecks inside of them. Willowfrost, Shadowedstorm, Opalsparkle, Poppyfeather, and Grayshade's sister. (Leia)

Grayshade - Quite handsome, calm, good-natured, gentlemen-like, not ambitious, go-with-the-flow type, very strong, muscular, very large, funny, serene, long-haired, thick-pelted, soft-furred, silky-furred, well-kept, nice, caring, dark gray tabby tom with golden-brown tabby, black tabby, lighter gray tabby, and pale silvery-gray tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, large, clumsy-looking, fluffy paws, long, muscular, fluffy legs, a long, plumy, sweeping, long-furred, well-kept, thick, soft tail, large, pointed ears, and pale amber eyes with very small, dark, smoky-blue spots inside of them. Willowfrost, Shadowedstorm, Pebbledapple, Poppyfeather, and Opalsparkle's brother. (Leia)

Opalsparkle - Tough, sturdy, intense, fearless, slightly reckless, cocky, overconfident, short-haired, sleek, glossy, long-limbed, muscular, broad-shouldered, beautiful, bold, outgoing, witty, brave, intrepid, fierce, loyal, sarcastic, pale, rose pink-tinted gray she-cat with scattered, slightly darker splashes of cobalt blue-tinted and leaf green-tinted gray, large, ebony-black paws, tough, hard black pads, a long, graceful, thin, whip-like, gentle, slender tail with a black tip, a long, narrow, tapered, dusky-brown muzzle, a dark gray flash on the bridge of her muzzle, large, rather obvious, pointed ears, and intense, glowing, radiant, shining, luminous, intrepid, glowing, almond-shaped, slightly slanted, sparkling, shimmering, sharp, alert, observant eyes, one cobalt blue with rose-pink flecks, and the other leaf-green with rose-pink flecks. Willowfrost, Shadowedstorm, Pebbledapple, Poppyfeather, and Grayshade's sister. (Leia)

Poppyfeather - Weak, sickly, bony, long-haired, fluffy, small, long-limbed, determined, dedicated, bold, silky-furred, handsome, shy, yet charming, likeable, quiet, intelligent, smart, clever, nice, kind, thick-pelted, klutzy, calm, good-natured, pale brown tabby tom with scattered pale ginger, dark gray, dark blue-gray, dark brown, silver, and black flecks, similar to seeds, white paws, chest, underbelly, muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip, a tuft of creamy-brown fur on his chest, abnormally large, pointed, widely spaced, obvious ears, some long, steely blueish-gray fur that falls in his face, completely covering his left eye and part of his right, a long, fluffy, plume-like, soft-furred, graceful, gentle, bushy, fox-like, silky tail with a slightly darker tip, and intelligent, luminous, sharp, observant, alert, shining, radiant, smoky, dark, brilliant, soft, gentle, kind, sapphire-blue eyes with scattered flecks of cobalt blue, similar to scattered seeds. Shadowedstorm, Grayshade, Willowfrost, Pebbledapple, and Opalsparkle's brother. (Leia)

Shadowedstorm - Cunning, devious, mischievous, always up to something, yet very loyal, long-limbed, very fluffy, long-haired, shadowy, seductive, quiet, lonely, a troublemaker, thick-pelted, snappish, handsome, rather large, silent (he's not mute, he just never talks), shadow-colored, ebony-black tabby tom with a barely-visible, small white flash on his nose, very dark silvery-gray paws, chest, underbelly, muzzle, ears, and tail tip, a very dark, smoky gray tabby patch on the underside of his tail, a long, plumy, very fluffy, bushy, fox-like tail with a dark brown tip, jagged black and white stripes, resembling lightning bolts, on his fore paws, and intense, mischievous, devious, glimmering, glowing, sparkling, dark, shadowy amber eyes with a few ripples of shady black in them. Pebbledapple, Poppyfeather, Opalsparkle, Grayshade, and Willowfrost's brother. Mintfern's mate. (Leia)

Willowfrost - Abnormally small, amazingly beautiful, calm, timid, very shy, fear filled, shakey, jumpy, very delicate, tiny, strong, yet she looks weak, lithe, long-haired, wispy-furred, soft-furred, thin-furred, well-kept, silky-furred, caring, serene, pale silvery-gray tabby she-cat with a darker underbelly, chest, muzzle, toes, tail tip, and ears, white flecks scattered randomly throughout her pelt like falling snow, a very pale silver glow to her fur, very small, round paws, a long, plumy, wispy, soft, silky, well kept, thin, long-furred tail, pointed, large, tufted ears, short legs, and pupil-less, blind, fear-filled, dull, dark violet eyes. Opalsparkle, Shadowedstorm, Pebbledapple, Poppyfeather, and Grayshade's sister. (Leia)


Icefleck - Cold, icy, long-limbed, intelligent, slender, long-haired, pale creamy-golden tom with icy, pale blue-gray paws, chest, muzzle, underbelly, rings around his eyes, ear tips, tail tip, and stripes on his back, ice-like white speckles in his fur, very long, straight fur, and cold, bright, luminous, icy green eyes. Sparklepulse and Wetstorm's son. Emeraldshimmer's mate. Songkit, Rushkit, and Breezekit's father. (Leia)

Brightpaw - Ginger she-cat with golden patches, a white tail-tip and golden eyes. (Tardis)

Sagepaw - Quite beautiful, stealthy, tiny, strong, mysterious, calm, gentle, quiet, wise, smart, talented, delicate, lithe, short-haired, swirling, wispy-furred, thick-pelted, silky-furred, soft-furred, delicate, swift, nimble, small, greenish-cream she-cat with pale greenish-brown, black, and dark, dull ginger spots scattered randomly throughout her pelt, dark ginger paws, tail tip, and ears, black toes, ear tips, and a few small patches on her tail, small, pale greenish-brown patches on her legs, a wispy, silky, fluffy tuft of fur that covers most of the right side of her face and her right eye, a long, fluffy, plumy, silky, sweeping, long-furred tail, pointed, large, tufted ears, small, round paws, and slanted, bright, shining, shimmering, luminous, pale green eyes with pale brown, pale brownish-orange, and pale blue flecks in it that seem to be filled with knowledge. Marshpaw and Sweetpaw's sister. Mossdawn and Rockstorm's daughter. (Tardis)

Marshpaw - Very large, aggressive, mean, bloodthirsty, disloyal, wiry, amazingly strong, sly, tricky, mysterious, ambitious, untrustworthy, acts as if he's perfect, nice and kind around high-ranked Clan members, short-haired, thick-pelted, muddy, messy, spiky-furred, ruffled, unkempt, broad-shouldered, dark, murky, greenish-brown tabby tom with black and dark, murky greenish-gray tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout his messy pelt, dark greenish-gingery-brown paws, muzzle, tail tip, ears, and spots on his legs, near his face, and on his tail, large, wiry paws, a long, skinny, wiry tail, long, muscular legs, large, slightly rounded ears, and dark, murky, dull, yet slightly bright because they shimmer with mischief, greenish-orange eyes with ripples of dark, smoky, murky, blue-green and light brown in them. Sweetpaw and Sagepaw's brother. Rockstorm and Mossdawn's son. (Tardis)

Sweetpaw - Very pretty, slightly stuck-up, elegant, refined, polite, sweet, kind, caring, nimble, happy, swift, peaceful, gentle, graceful, very strong, amazing beautiful, seductive, slightly ambitious, swirling, slightly curly-furred, soft-furred, silky-furred, a little wispy-furred, well-kept, never unkempt, seems perfect, loving, tolerant, never mean, cream tabby she-cat with dark brown tabby, pale brown tabby, bright ginger tabby, pale gingery-brown tabby, and pale brownish-cream tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, slightly lighter cream toes, tail tip, underbelly, and chest, a few pale silvery-brown spots on her toes, tail, underbelly, neck, ears, near her face, and on her stomach, long, graceful-looking legs, large, pointed ears, slightly small, round paws, a long, plumy, sweeping, fluffy, well-kept, sleek, smooth, slightly curly, long-furred tail, and dazzling, amazingly beautiful, sparkling, shimmering, shining, pale blue eyes with small, slightly unnoticed, pale orange, pale green, and pale brown flecks scattered inside of them. She idolizes Sparklepulse. Sagepaw and Marshpaw's sister. Rockstorm and Mossdawn's daughter. (Tardis)


Sunpoppy - Quite beautiful, very gentle, calm, elegant, medium-length, smooth, well kept, soft, silky, never unkept-furred, pretty, soft-spoken, polite, refined, delicate, strong, pale golden-brown she-cat with bright golden and white spots scattered randomly through out her pelt, a short, elegant looking, well kept-furred tail, rounded, slightly small ears, round, large paws, and slanted, pretty, dazzling, sparkling, honey-colored, golden-brown eyes with lighter rings around her pupils. Rowanstar's mate. Amberhope's mother. (Tardis)

Kits; None, but helps queens with theirs

Emeraldshimmer - Very fluffy, long-haired, sweet, innocent, dark brown tabby she-cat with green-gray paws, a white muzzle, scattered silver patches of fur, a black chest and underbelly, and intense, radiant, glowing, shining, sweet, innocent, shimmering, emerald-green eyes. Swanmist and Specklestrike's daughter. Icefleck's mate. Mother of Icefleck's kits. (Leia)

Kits; Songkit, Rushkit, and Breezekit

Mintfern - Energetic, bright-natured, fiery-natured, sharp-tongued, wild, hyper, ambitious, battle hungry, small, pretty, fearless, reckless, daring, slightly stuck-up, short-haired, slightly rough-furred, dark greenish-gray tabby she-cat with long, thick greenish-white stripes scattered randomly throughout her pelt, dark gray and pale silver spots on her legs, underbelly, ears, and tail, a short, wiry, skinny tail, small, fluffier paws, long, muscular, fluffy legs, and dark, smoky green eyes flecked with pale green and neon green. Jadesplash's sister. She picks on Webfoot a lot. Shadowedstorm's mate. Mother of Shadowedstorm's kits. (Leia)

Kits; Falconkit, Himekit, Lightkit, Darkkit, and Quietkit

Darkfire - Black she-cat with ginger patches and amber eyes. Expecting an unknown rogues kits. (Tardis)

Kits; Stormkit and Sparkkit


Songkit - Charming, witty, alluring, innocent, sweet, kind, musical, radiant, luminous, loving, fluffy, long-haired, soft-furred, boisterous, loud, outgoing, adorable, cute, long-limbed, thick-pelted, silky-furred, seductive, light creamy-brown she-cat with slightly spikier fur on top of her head, soft, ruffled, fur, a long, fluffy, sweeping, slightly lighter plume of a tail, and luminous, oceanic, sparkling blue-green eyes that appear to reflect the waves of the ocean, though there are no oceans nearby. 4 moons old. Rushkit and Breezekit's sister. (Leia)

Rushkit - Cocky, large, muscular, overconfident, short-haired, bold, light brown, dark brown, and cream tabby tom with scattered black stripes and flecks, one white paw, long, sharp claws, and intense, bold, bright green eyes. 4 moons old. Songkit and Breezekit's brother. (Leia)

Breezekit - Small, slightly timid, nyctophobic, skinny, handsome, wispy-furred, long-haired, breezy, go-with-the-flow type, shy, long-limbed, weak, sickly, intelligent, curious, bright-minded, quiet, observant, bony, kind, determined, pure, snow-colored, white tom with scattered silver flecks in his fur, like snow drifting in the breeze, long claws, a long, fluffy, plumy tail, large, pointed ears, a tuft of cream fur on his forehead, a black tail tip, and luminous, bright, determined, observant, large, intense, shimmering, radiant, pale, sky-blue eyes. 4 moons old. Icefleck and Emeraldshimmer's son. Songkit and Rushkit's brother. (Leia)

Falconkit - Scruffy-looking, somewhat stuck-up, reckless, yet knows where his loyalties lie, gray tabby and white tom with slightly lighter stripes on his legs, large paws, a long tail, and hazel eyes. 1 moon old. Himekit, Lightkit, Darkkit, and Quietkit's brother. Himekit often refers to him as a "stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking beetle-brain", much to his dismay. (Leia)

Himekit - Sleek, strong-willed, determined, small, fiercely loyal, black and dark gray tabby she-cat with large, rounded brown ears that curl backwards, white streaks on her sides, long claws, and light brown eyes. 1 moon old. Falconkit, Lightkit, Darkkit, and Quietkit's sister. (Leia)

Lightkit - Fluffy, a dreamer, reckless, somewhat whiny, long-haired, light gray tabby tom with a white flash on his chest, long claws, and bright, shining blue eyes that seem to have an intense inner light. 1 moon old. Falconkit, Himekit, Darkkit, and Quietkit's brother. (Leia)

Darkkit - Sleek, somewhat reserved, arrogant, tall, ambitious, black tom with white forepaws, a white dash on his chest, a long, skinny tail, long claws, and dark, smoky green eyes. 1 moon old. Falconkit, Himekit, Lightkit, and Quietkit's brother. (Leia)

Quietkit - Wise, quiet, gentle, peaceful, limber, fluffy, pale silver tabby tom with brown paws, ear tips, and tail tip, a black stripe that goes down his spine, and pale, shining blue eyes. 1 moon old. Falconkit, Himekit, Lightkit, and Darkkit's brother. (Leia)

Stormkit: Misty gray tabby tom with pale stripes, darker patches and sharp blue-gray eyes. Darkfire's son. Sparkkit's brother. (Tardis)

Sparkkit: Black she-cat with tortoiseshell flecks and warm amber eyes. Darkfire's daughter. Stormkit's sister. (Tardis)



Cats Who Where In MorningClan But Now Walk With StarClan:

Featherwillow - Pretty, timid, jumpy, fearful, very delicate, lithe, light-boned, tiny, small, shaky, beautiful, long, silky, soft, fluffy, wispy-furred, strong, yet she looks weak, timid, delicate, skittish, shy, nimble-minded, quiet, pale silvery-gray tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, chest, muzzle, toes, tail tip, ear tips, stripes on her legs, and tail, dark gray stripes on her legs, tail, and paws, small, round paws, long, slightly muscular, skinny legs, a long plumy, sweeping, soft, silky, fluffy tail, and bright, fear filled, timid-looking, yet welcoming, dark violet eyes with small, ice blue flecks inside of them. Wetstorm's sister. Patchlion's mate. Died giving birth to Patchlion's kits: Willowfrost, Grayshade, Shadowedstorm, Pebbledapple, Opalsparkle and Poppyfeather. (Leia)


Poppypaw smiled as he and his siblings received their warrior names: Poppyfeather, Pebbledapple, Grayshade, Opalsparkle, Shadowedstorm, and Willowfrost.

Everyone had thought Willowfrost was giong to be a medicine cat, but she turned out to be an excellent tracker, though she does often help Icefleck and Goldenswan in the medicine cat den.

Shadowedstorm and Mintfern, his now-former mentor, had been mates for a moon, along with Icefleck and Emeraldshimmer, and the two she-cats had moved into the nursery expecting their mates' kits. Happy New Year; happiest wishes from Siexle, the Feather of Fright 01:35, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

(it's going to take me a little while to get used to these cats and this clan, then I'll be able to Role-play better.)

Rowanstar happily looked at the newly names warriors. They truly deserved to be warriors of MorningClan. HollyleafOfThunderclan There is always hope, just as the sun always rises 01:50, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

"Congratulations!" mewed Jadesplash happily, remembering the elation she felt when she was named a warrior.

"Thanks, Jadesplash," mewed Pebbledapple cheerfully in return. She was glad that she had made it. She worked her hardest in training. Lecxia; Serxtink; Siexle :) 00:01, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

"Good Job! Congratulations!" Amberhope meowed to the new warriors. HollyleafOfThunderclan There is always hope, just as the sun always rises 01:21, January 12, 2012 (UTC)

Before Poppyfeather could thank Amberhope, a yowl was heard from the nursery. Icefleck emerged from the medicine cats' den, a worried look on his face.

"That was Emeraldshimmer!" he half-yowled. "Our kits aren't due for another half-moon!" He quickly grabbed some herbs and, like a streak of lightning, darted into the nursery.


Soon, Emeraldshimmer, near unconscious from the strain of the birth, had three kits in her nest, two suckling, one tom and one she-cat, and one, a small tom, being licked feverishly by Icefleck. He was cold and still as a stone. Out of the blue, the presumed dead kit began breathing.

"The sole she-cat will be named Songkit," whispered Emeraldshimmer before she slipped into unconsciousness. Mintfern appeared worried about this, but Icefleck told her that she needed rest. She'd be fine when she woke up.

"I'd like to name the two toms Breezekit, for the one that I had presumed dead, and Rushkit, for the other one."

"Yours and Emeraldshimmer's kits are adorable, Icefleck," complemented Mintfern. Ever since she found out she was expecting Shadowedstorm's kits, she was a lot nicer to others, though she continued to pick on Webfoot a bit. To her, that was second nature, and Webfoot didn't really mind it. Lecxia; Serxtink; Siexle :) 00:42, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

Sagekit, Marshkit and Sweetkit looked at the new kits. "I bet I'll beat them all in training!" Marshkit boasted. Wait until I get my claws on them! HollyleafOfThunderclan There is always hope, just as the sun always rises 05:10, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

A few hours later, Emeraldshimmer groggily awoke, noticing her kits sleeping peacefully. She glanced over at Mintfern, who was also asleep.

"Welcome to MorningClan, Songkit, Rushkit, and Breezekit," she mewed quietly to her kits, licking each one on the head before she fell asleep again. Lecxia; Serxtink; Siexle :) 20:30, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

(I added in a few characters of my own, to help me get used to the clan.)

Darkfire purred in happiness, looking at the kits. It won't be long until I have kits like that. She thought, looking down at her swollen belly. Cinderstar Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. 17:00, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

(I hope you're okay with a 4 moon timeskip, Tardis. I felt we needed some more apprentices, so Sweetkit, Sagekit, and Marshkit are all apprentices now. It's likely that Darkfire had her kits by now, so you can add them in at any point.)

Falconkit chased Rushkit in front of the nursery. Though Rushkit was older, Falconkit was not one to give up despite a three moon age difference. Meanwhile (inside the nursery), Songkit had the attention of Lightkit and Darkkit, Breezekit and Quietkit were having a soft conversation at one of the nursery walls, and Himekit was heading out to find someone around camp to talk to.

Poppyfeather noticed the little she-kit and asked, "What are you doing around here, Himekit?" He wasn't trying to be rude, but as soon as he said that, he wanted to take it back.

Luckily, Himekit didn't find it rude at all. "I just want someone to talk to. My brothers are all busy with Emeraldshimmer's kits, and I'm not interested in talking to the queens today. Can I talk to you, Poppyfeather?"

The pale brown tom smiled. "Of course, my little niece!"

The two of them sat down and struck up a conversation of their own. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 19:10, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

(Yup, that's fine. Does that mean Darkfire's kits are born? She was expecting kits before the timeskip.)

Brightpaw paced around the camp anxiously. Amberhope had told her that she was going to be having her assessment today. If all went well, she would be a warrior. (If that's fine with you)

Sweetpaw and Sagepaw were play fighting in front of the apprentices den. Marshpaw sat nearby, watching them with narrowed green-orange eyes. His tail flicked from side to side. --Tardis

(Most likely. And yes, Brightpaw can become a warrior. Since you RP Rowanstar, you can do the ceremony.)

Opalsparkle padded over to Brightpaw. "Good luck on your assessment today!" she mewed, not being her usual sarcastic self. "I'm sure you'll do fine." Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 13:28, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

(There. Added in her kits.)

"Thanks!" Brightpaw dipped her head to Opalsparkle. She shifted her paws impatiently when she noticed Amberhope padding over towards her.

"Ready?" Amberhope asked. Brightpaw nodded. The two she-cats padded out of the camp to begin the assessment.

Stormkit and Sparkkit were playing close to the fresh-kill pile. Stormkit barrelled into his sister, pushing her into the fresh-kill pile. The force dislodged a fish from the top of the pile and fell on top of Sparkkit. She let out a squeal of suprise. (How do I do my siggie? This editing thing has changed since I was last on wikia) --Tardis

(It should still be 4 ~'s, but it looks like that's not working in Visual mode. I go into Source mode, so that all the coding is visible. Doing that may help (it might help with the lines as well, since there's some code added to them that prevents the lines from forming). If you want me to make you a new signature, I can do that as well. I marked your posts for the moment; once you get the editing issue fixed, you can replace it with your sig)

Opalsparkle smiled. Brightpaw's anxiety had actually reminded her of when she and her siblings were about to have their assessments. Poppyfeather and Willowfrost were nervous wrecks about it. But since they did fine, she was certain Brightpaw would do fine as well.

Grayshade padded over to his sister. "Lost in thought, sis?" he asked, a smile barely visible on his face.

"Just memories of us as apprentices," she replied. She then noticed Stormkit and Sparkkit playing near the fresh-kill pile and padded over to them. "Take it easy around the fresh-kill, okay? We don't want any of it to go to waste," she mewed firmly. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 18:29, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

(Okay! I'm thinking about what I want my siggie to look like. I'll let you know when I've decided)

"The first part of the assessment is hunting." Amberhope explained to her apprentice. "I'll be watching you, but you won't see me."

Brightpaw nodded, and set off toward the lake shore. I'll catch a mouse or two on the way, and catch a few fish in the lake. She planned.


Meanwhile, back at the camp. Sparkkit crawled out from under the fish. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean too." She looked up at Opalsparkle with big, round eyes.

Stormkit looked more defiant. "I won! Did you see that, I beat her! I'm going to be the best warrior in all of MorningClan, and no cat can stop me!" -Tardis


"It's alright, Sparkkit," Opalsparkle mewed. "You and Stormkit need to be more careful. And I'm sure you'll be a great warrior, Stormkit. You're just not playing in the best area." Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 16:14, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

Brightpaw scented a mouse. She lowered into the hunter's crouch and crept toward it. Suddenly, the wind changed and the mouse sniffed the air. Alarmed, it raced back to it's burrow.

"Mouse dung!" Brightpaw hissed.


"Come on, let's go play near the nursery." Sparkkit suggested. Forgetting his defiance, Stormkit nodded and chased his sister to the nursery. -Tardis.

Opalsparkle purred as the two kits chased each other.


Near where Brightpaw was having her assessment, Mysteryheart and Camelliawish (from ColorClan) emerged from the darkened forest. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 02:02, August 10, 2014 (UTC)

(For my siggie, could you have Tardis in blue, and then in smaller letters, maybe in a different shade of blue but it doesn't have to be, have ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space? It's kind of a play on words of what TARDIS stands for.)

Brightpaw quickly caught another mouse. and buried it. She let out a purr of satisefaction that her second attempt had been successful. She started to head towards the lake when she caught the scent of unfamiliar cats. She veered off her path and started following the scent. -Tardis

(I'll get to work on it right away! Also, I completely approve!)

"Are you sure we're going the right way, Camelliawish?" Mysteryheart asked.

She didn't respond, not wanting to admit that she had gotten the two of them lost. ColorClan didn't typically visit other Clans because Wishstar believed them to be "unclean" because they allowed monochrome cats. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! c: 23:34, August 13, 2014 (UTC)


When Brightpaw caught sight of the cats, she let out a low growl. She flexed her claws, itching to attack the intruders. Then a thought popped into her head. If all went well today, she would no longer be an apprentice. She should deal with this as if she were a warrior. She smoothed her pelt and approached the intruders.

"You're a little far from home." There was an edge to Brightpaw's mew, but she didn't sound too threatening. "What are you doing in MorningClan territory?" She flexed her claws, showing them that she was willing to fight if need be. TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

(Redo your sig on the last post, please. I had to delete it due to coding issues. The < no wiki > code was on your last paragraph (without the spaces), preventing your signature from showing up.)

"Pardon us," replied Camelliawish, "but we must speak with your leader, if that can be arranged."

Mysteryheart added, "There are issues in ColorClan that require assistance from MorningClan. We mean no harm to your Clan or to you." Welcome to Hell! Starring Sock, Jonathan, and Mephistopheles 23:38, September 21, 2014 (UTC)

(I'm still having troubles posting the siggie properly.)

Brightpaw's heart dropped. She felt torn. She believed these cats and wanted to help them, but returning to the camp would mean returning from her assessment. Would she be allowed to go out again? Or would her one mouse be enough. She glanced around, looking for Amberhope, but could see no sign of the mottled golden-brown she-cat.

"Okay, come with me." Brightpaw meowed bravely. Her assessment could wait. ColorClan needed her help.


A little ways off, Amberhope was following Brightpaw's scent trail. Soon she caught sight of Brightpaw talking to the ColorClan warriors. Part of her wanted to intervene and see what these intruders wanted, but she reminded herself that this was Brightpaw's assessment. This wasn't normally part of an assessment, but dealing with intruders was a skill that a warrior needed. As she saw Brightpaw dip her head and walk towards the camp, she spun around to collect the mouse Brightpaw had caught. She was proud with how her apprentice had dealt with the intruders, and she wanted to return to camp as soon as she could to figure out what exactly the ColorClan cats needed.

TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

"Thank you," replied Mysteryheart, as he and Camilliawish followed Brightpaw to the ColorClan camp. Welcome to Hell! Starring Sock, Jonathan, and Mephistopheles 00:48, September 22, 2014 (UTC)

Brightpaw padded into the camp. "Rowanstar!" She called. "There are some ColorClan cats here to talk to you!"

Amberhope raced in shortly afterwards, carrying Brightpaw's mouse. TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

Mysteryheart and Camelliawish followed Brightpaw and entered MorningClan camp. Little Himekit was the first to notice them, and bounded over to the two ColorClan cats, her nose twitching.

"You don't smell like MorningClan," she mewed. "Who are you?"

Mysteryheart decided to answer her question while Camelliawish smiled at the young she-kit. "I'm Mysteryheart, deputy of ColorClan. This is my good friend, Camelliawish. We have to speak with your leader, Rowanstar, about some issues within the Clan, and that's why we're here." We are the Achromatic System 01:57, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

"I'll go get Rowanstar!" Brightpaw mewed enthusiastically.

Amberhope put down Brightpaw's mouse. "No, you will stay here with our" She paused. "guests. And you'll put your mouse on the fresh kill pile yourself after Rowanstar arrives. You need to be on your best behaviour to prove yourself to be worthy enough of a warrior name. Remember, this is your assessment that You've interrupted."

Brightpaw nodded solemly, her tail twitching with excitement.

Amberhope approached Rowanstar and dipped her head. "Rowanstar?" She meowed. "We have visitors." She flicked her tail towards the ColorClan cats. TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

Himekit watched Mysteryheart and Camelliawish, her light brown eyes bright with curiosity.

The black tabby tom yawned. "My apologies, but we left when it was night back in ColorClan, so our tiredness is starting to creep up on us." We are the Achromatic System 16:09, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

(I forgot that I rped Rowanstar. Oops!)

Rowanstar walked towards Brightpaw and the visitors.

"Thank you Brightpaw, you may leave with your mentor now." He said with a nod. He watched as she ran towards Amberhope, and the two cats once again padded out of the camp to resume Brightpaw's assessment. He turned to the ColorClan cats. "Now, what can I do for you?" he asked politely. TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

(It's okay! Also, there's a little coding issue with your sig. I fixed it, but it made the text small.)

"Greetings, Rowanstar," mewed Camelliawish. "Mysteryheart and I are here to inform you that there are some... issues going on with ColorClan."

Mysteryheart picked up, "Wishstar's cracking down further on 'monochrome' cats. She turned away six promising warriors, one of whom was a kit separated from his siblings, because they weren't colorful enough for her liking. We fear that there may be a fight coming up soon, and wanted to warn you in the event that cats from either ColorClan or MonochromeClan come and ask you to help them. That's probably what's going on. We want to warn you in case you either end up involved or wish to stay out. Right now, we mean no harm." (Oh, dear, I started rambling) We are the Achromatic System 03:29, February 16, 2015 (UTC)

"Thank you." Rowanstar dipped his head. "I appreciate your warning. I will take time to think about this issue and be prepared for the possibility of getting involved. Is that all you have to tell me?" TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space

"I believe that is all for right now," Camelliawish replied as she and Mysteryheart dipped their heads to Rowanstar. "We will be on our way." We are the Achromatic System 02:53, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

"May StarClan light your path." Rowanstar dipped his head. TARDIS ThunderClan and Relative Dimension in Space 00:05, March 28, 2015 (UTC)

"May they light your path as well, Rowanstar," replied Mysteryheart as he and Camelliawish made thier way to the exit, "and those of your Clanmates." We are the Achromatic System 00:45, March 28, 2015 (UTC)

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