Morrigan is a small, seductive, slender, beautiful, confident, vain, concieted, soft-furred, pure black she-cat with soft, long fur, pale greenish-gray and purplish-gray tips to her fur, pale purplish-gray legs with darker, bat-shaped patches on them, sandy-gray patches, a narrow muzzle, two sets of large, black bat wings, one on her back, a smaller set on her head, long, sharp teeth, small paws, a long, fluffy tail, and soft, intense, seductive, alluring pale green eyes.

She is a cat at the Laboratory that has been altered, she with Egyptian Fruit Bat DNA.

She is a member of the Special Admin Prophecy (No name yet~). Her abilities are to transform into a twoleg (to avoid detection from enemies, or to confuse her attackers), to alter the emotions of cats to manipulate them, or to seduce cats (mainly toms) to do her bidding.

Both her and her sister's wings are made up of a collection of bats, and are able to transform into what they need, such as a sickle, a drill, ect.

As a twoleg, she keeps her name, and she is a tall, well-propotioned woman with long, pale green hair. Her outfit constantly changes, due to it being made of her thoughts, and put forth by her magic. Her favorite outfit, however, is a tight, slightly revealing black leotard with a white fringe on it, which leads into pale orange gloves, dark purple tights, which have darker purple bats on them, and tall, black, high-heeled boots. She has a black bat tattoo on her left thigh.


Morrigan was born to Makai and Belial, with a single sister, named Lilith. She had a happy kithood, and had a close friendship with her sister.

Her mother, Makai died after her and Lilith turned 5 moons, and Belial gave them the territory they resided on, and left.

Lilith followed him, and Morrigan was alone.

After she turned 14 moons, she was taken to the Laboratory by Frank, being placed in a cage next to Bluebell.

Morrigan later met Max and Bailey, and discussed Clans with Madison.

She eventually injected with the DNA, and Frank was pleased at how well the DNA took.

Her sister, Lilith eventually came to the Laboratory, and Morrigan was suprised.


Morrigan is confident, conceited, and playful, and she is strangely friendly and approachable despite her glamorous and imposing good looks, and her rather lonely life.


  • She is based off of Morrigan Aensland from the Darkstalkers video games.


MorrigannMorrigan in real life~

MorriganMorrigan as a human/actuall Morrigan~

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